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Go physical to digital with our end-to-end, secure digitisation solutions

Experience a new world of business efficiency and innovation with our end-to-end document management and digitisation solutions

Our secure document scanning and digitisation services will help you convert your information and data into digital formats for ease of use, storage and access. Index, search and understand your documents and records better.

We offer document scanning services across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane. 

It’s time to revolutionise your office workflow and turn
physical into digital with these high-quality scanning solutions

Document imaging

Our high-volume, quality scanners and our data entry services accurately convert and capture your paper records into a graphical image, indexing them so they can be electronically structured and searched.

OpenDiscover offers your staff secure access to a scalable data repository.

OCR conversions

OCR transforms images of handwritten, typed and printed scripts into machine-encoded text that can be electronically searched and converted for easy insertion into Word, Excel or PDF files. 

Automated document & data capture

A combination of OCR and handwriting recognition software captures data from scanned forms, surveys, invoices, HR records, manuals, magazines, books and more.

CAD Conversions

Our experienced team work to all engineering and CAD standards, converting and updating your architectural, civil, structural, machine and electrical drawings to your specified CAD software.

The Document Digitisation Process

Document and Data Collection

Gather all relevant physical documents and records needing to be digitised. Your local TIMG branch will collect and transport to our secure facility for conversion.

Document preparation

Once onsite with TIMG, we will prepare all documents, by removing staples, post-its, clips and binding and will order pages for scanning.


Our high-quality scanners have flexible functionality to suit a wide range of document types including; fragile pages, books, odd size pages and double-sided pages.

Post-capture processing

As part of our digitisation service, we are able to assist with document naming and structuring, image optimisation, cataloguing, indexing and pagination.


Whatever your export preference is post-digitisation, we can deliver your information to you on Hard Drive, USB, CD or via a secure connection to your hosted TIMG Cloud Storage Solution.


Once your documents and records have been successfully digitised, we can offer you a number of storage options including, Archive Box Storage, Cloud Storage and Secure Vault Storage.


Quicker access, multiple people and multiple sites. We can Link to other documents or make available online.


Using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology text can be electronically searched.

Dedicated Account Manager

Enjoy the benefit of a dedicated Account Manager relationship.

Security & compliance

Operations certified and compliant with the highest Industry standards.


Scan-on-Demand for fast and secure access to your stored documents and files.

An alternative to having your physical files and records delivered; we scan, upload and provide approved access to digital copies via our secure online portal.

Scan-on-Demand as a service, has increasingly helped clients with remote access during lockdowns and in general, delivered greater efficiency, security and accessibility in managing records whilst offsite.

| Accessibility to a company’s data in digital formats is now a requirement not an option; digitisation assists companies achieve their new operational goals.

Let TIMG handle your CAD Conversions 

Our team of CAD conversion experts will take care of all your Architectural, MEP, Civil, Structural, Machine and Electrical drawings and plans. We convert your image data into modern GIS formats and use our highly specialised translation software to easily migrate your engineering drawing formats to other GIS platforms, like ESRI, MicroStation and Auto CAD Map.

Popular conversions; Floor Plans, Elevations & Sections, Site plans, Architectural, Construction Drawings, Residential Construction Drawings and Advanced as-built 3D Modeling.

Hosted Data Search Engine

Enable instantaneous searching of documents, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, images and more

Store your corporate documents and archives online to turn them into a full text searchable asset. Most major document formats are supported including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich Text, Outlook PST, Exchange EDB, Adobe PDF and many more.

We offer a fully managed Digitisation Service. Let our expert staff take care of every aspect of the digitisation process.

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Questions & Answers

Some commonly asked questions about digitisation.

By all means. We provide scanning services because many businesses find scanning their documents a cumbersome process. Additionally, most businesses only have access to lower grade scanners, which add a great deal of time and complexity to the process. We use high-speed scanners and intelligent software to process documents. Our team is also trained in both the scanning process and the relevant document preparation steps required – ensuring you get the best results. This way your staff can stick to the areas of the business that matter most.

That all depends on your requirements. Documents can be delivered back to you or they can be stored in our storage facility. Alternatively, if required, documents can temporarily be shelved pending future destruction. We will work with you to map out the process that best fits your business requirements.

That is entirely up to you. If you require, all documents can be put back together exactly as they arrived (re-stapled, bound, etc.). If this is not required (for instance the documents will be archived or destroyed) we can leave them in their prepared state. We will work with you to determine what best fits your business needs.

Certainly. We are happy to collect index data for your documents to assist in filing them or searching them later. Much of this can be done automatically and where this is not possible, our data entry team will capture this manually on a per document basis. We can then provide this index data in an Excel file, CSV or any other format required.

Our primary output for scanned files is a searchable PDF. This includes Optical Character Recognition (OCR) on the document text – meaning the contents can be searched. We can also output the scanned documents in other image formats as required.