Access digital copies of your files. We scan your stored documents for you and return a digital copy via our secure online portal.

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scan-on-demand Sydney, scan-on-demand Melbourne, scan-on-demand Canberra, scan-on-demand Brisbane, scan-on-demand Adelaide, scan-on-demand Perth, scan-on-demand Darwin, scan-on-demand Hobart


Scan-on-Demand for fast and secure access to your stored documents.

Scanning on demand is an excellent alternative to receiving your files physically. We can digitise your business-critical information and make it available via our secure online portal. You and your team will have easy and secure access to your data regardless of location.

| Accessibility to a company’s data in digital formats is now a requirement not an option; digitisation assists companies achieve their new operational goals. 

TIMG’s Scan-on-Demand Solution includes:

File and Document Identification

Via our secure portal, you can request documents to be digitised from your TIMG off-site storage inventory. Our security-vetted warehouse staff will locate and retrieve your documents within our storage facility and will hand them to the digital team for processing.

Document Preparation

Once the relevant documents have been identified and retrieved from our warehouse, the digitisation team will prepare the documents, by removing staples, post-it notes, clips and binding and will order pages for scanning as per your instruction.


Our range of high-quality scanners have flexible functionality to suit a wide range of document types including; fragile pages, books, odd size pages and double-sided pages.

Post-capture processing

As part of our digitisation service, we are able to assist with document naming and structuring, image optimisation, cataloguing, indexing and pagination.

Output and Delivery

Once scanned, the team will upload your digital documents to our secure portal. You will be sent an email notification confirming the completion of your job. The email will contain a secure link to our portal, and only approved users of that account can log in and access the digitised documents. We can also deliver your information to you on Hard Drive, USB, CD or via a secure connection to your hosted TIMG Cloud Storage Solution.


A cost-effective alternative that sees you avoid handling fees, transport costs and delivery time by accessing a digital version instead.

TIMG Scan-on-Demand secure fast access online

Immediate Access

Once digitised, you can share documents with remote work teams instantly. TIMG scan-on-demand services provide quick and secure access to documents in storage with us. Scan only what you need when you need it!

Flexible Solution

Depending on your needs, we offer both scan and image-on-demand services. If all you need is a simple image, we can provide this. Our digitisation solutions are designed around your needs.

Cost effective

TIMG scan-on-demand offers a cost-effective way to access your records in storage with us. This service avoids handling and delivery fees associated with your document and file retrieval.

Disaster Recovery

Avoid delays

Our scan-on-demand solution is the quickest way to access your offsite documents in storage with us. Avoid all transport delays with this environmentally friendly alternative to physical delivery!

| Scan-on-Demand is essentially an on-demand digitisation solution. The client has the flexibility to determine the scale and scope of their digitisation needs.


See how the Yacaaba Centre successfully utilised TIMG’s Digitisation Solution


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Frequently ask questions about TIMG Scan-on-Demand Services

Urgent requests to scan documents in storage with us are processed with digital versions uploaded to our secure portal within 2 hours of the initial request.

All scans will be of the highest quality and as per your instructions.

Scanning can take place either off site (at a TIMG facility) or on site. While our facility is highly secure, if your business policies demand that documents cannot leave your premises, our scanning operator(s) can bring the equipment to you and scan from your offices.

Many businesses scan their own documents at commercial and retail outlets but be warned, this comes with a genuine risk where network security and access at these commercial sites might be unclear. We have invested heavily in our industry compliance and security certifications and strongly advise clients to look out for the same when dealing with third-party suppliers.

Certainly. We are happy to collect index data for your documents to assist in filing them or searching them later. Much of this can be done automatically and where this is not possible, our data entry team will capture this manually on a per document basis. We can then provide this index data in an Excel file, CSV or any other format required.

All documents digitised will have OCR performed and named according to your instructions.

There are no additional costs to access your digitised records at a later date.

The below industries use the TIMG Scan-on-Demand service where access to stored and archived physical records is time critical, geographically necessary or legally required. It is also often the case that this service is just easy to use – regardless of industry:

  • Government
  • Health
  • Legal
  • Retail
  • Agriculture
  • Mining