Digital Mailroom and Scanning Services

We are helping our clients navigate the current COVID-19 disruption with our Digital Mailroom Services. With an Australia-wide operational footprint, we’ll collect, scan, redirect and store your business mail and parcels.

TIMG Digital Mailroom Benefits


Secure Collection and Storage

As a trusted Information Management company, we securely handle confidential documents.

Mail Scanning and Imaging

Our skilled operators provide high-quality, fast and cost-effective services using the latest software with output to most file formats.

Mail and Document Archiving

Once your mail is scanned and delivered, we collate and store your documents in barcoded archive boxes.

Secure Destruction

On your instruction, we will securely shred and destroy all non-essential mail and provide a Certificate of Destruction.

Managed Mailroom Services

Inbound Mail Services

All incoming mail will be collected from a PO Box/DX location by TIMG Operations staff. Once sorted and scanned, mail will be redirected back to a central email address nominated by your business. All hard copies will be securely stored by TIMG until further advice from your business. We will also scan the front and sender’s details on all Express Post, Registered Post, Parcels, Cheques and will take instruction on the distribution of these items.

Outbound Mail Services

All outgoing mail images will be provided by the Client for TIMG to print, fold/insert and deliver to posting locations (posting charges apply).

Parcel Management

Consignment notes

We will scan the consignment notes of all inbound parcels collected from your PO Box or DX location and will redirect all scanned notes to your central email address as proof of custody.

Parcel Delivery and Storage

In the event that business parcels are deemed non-essential, we will barcode and store parcels at our storage facilities until further notice (eg. office supplies). All parcels deemed ‘personal’ and belonging to individual members of staff, can be onforwarded to the original recipient via commercial courier.

The TIMG Digital Mailroom Step by Step

Mail and Parcel Collection from PO Box

We will carry out daily collections of your inbound mail and parcels from your PO Box or DX location for secure transfer to our facilities.

Mail and Document preparation

Once onsite with TIMG, we will prepare all mail/documents, by removing staples, clips and binding and will order pages for scanning.


Our scanners have flexible functionality to suit a wide range of document types including; fragile pages, books, odd size pages and double-sided pages.

Mail/Data transfer

Once scanned, all digital copies will be redirected back to a central email address to be nominated by you. We can also deliver your scanned mail to you on a Hard Drive or USB.

Mail/Document Storage

Once your documents and records have been successfully digitised, we can offer you a number of storage options including, Archive Box Storage, Cloud Storage and Secure Vault Storage.

Secure Destruction Services

TIMG’s document destruction service is dedicated to keeping your business safe from any security threats resulting from discarded information. We provide a range of services for document destruction, from onsite secure bins through to bulk destruction of documents and records.

*Our delivery capacity is subject to State and Federal declarations relating to COVID-19 restrictions

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers about TIMG Digital Mailroom Services

Mail Room Services

That all depends on your requirements. Documents can be delivered back to you or they can be stored in our storage facility. Alternatively, if required, documents can temporarily be shelved pending future destruction. We will work with you to map out the process that best fits your business requirements.

Our primary output for scanned files is a searchable PDF but – in light of the need to turn your inbound mail around quickly under the current circumstance, we will simply scan your mail/documents and redirect the digital copies back to an agreed email address nominated by you.

Certainly. We are happy to collect index data for your documents to assist in filing them or searching them later. Much of this can be done automatically and where this is not possible, our data entry team will capture this manually on a per document basis. We can then provide this index data in an Excel file, CSV or any other format required.