Digital Mailroom Solutions

With an Australia-wide operational footprint, we’ll collect, scan, redirect and store your business mail and parcels. The TIMG digital mailroom solution works as an extension of your business.

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TIMG digital mailroom solutions. An extension of your business.

We offer fully auditable digital mailroom solutions designed to meet your business’s needs. Our processes and systems remove complexity around physical and digital distribution and ensure minimal disruption to your existing systems while reducing unnecessary costs.

| The digital mailroom is no longer a wish list item; it’s a must-have for today’s businesses. The hybrid office is here to stay.  


Fully integrated end-to-end Information Management solutions

Secure Collection

We manage the logistics and handling of your physical and digital information. We own our fleet of vehicles and our staff are security vetted, and police checked.

Mail Scanning and Imaging

Our skilled operators provide high-quality, fast and cost-effective services using the latest software with output to most file formats.

Hard Copy Archiving

Once your mail is scanned and delivered, we can collate and store your documents in barcoded archive boxes in our secure off-site storage facilities.

Secure Destruction

We offer secure shredding and destruction of all non-essential mail. This service includes the issuing of Certificates of Destruction.


Managed Mailroom Services

With your TIMG secure and efficient digital mailroom solution, you can be confident that your Mailroom processes are fully compliant, productive and risk free.

| Be it physical or digital, TIMG will manage the solution for you, providing you access to our secure online portal for quick and easy availability of your data.

TIMG deliverables include –

  • Collection of mail from your location or dedicated PO Box
  • Sorting and return of mail to designated location/s
  • Scanning and classification based on your business rules
  • Free access to TIMG portal for secure and easy access to your data
  • Physical storage and destruction services available post process

How does the TIMG Digital Mailroom Work?

Mail and Parcel Collection from PO Box

We will carry out daily collections of your inbound mail and parcels from your PO Box or DX location for secure transfer to our facilities.

Mail and Document preparation

Once onsite with TIMG, we will prepare all mail/documents, by removing staples, clips and binding and will order pages for scanning.


Our scanners have flexible functionality to suit a wide range of document types including fragile pages, books, odd size pages and double-sided pages.

Mail/Data transfer

Once scanned, all digital copies will be redirected back to a central email address to be nominated by you. We can also deliver your scanned mail to you on a Hard Drive or USB.

Mail/Document Storage

Once your documents and records have been successfully digitised, we can offer you a number of storage options including, Archive Box Storage, Cloud Storage and Secure Vault Storage.

Secure Destruction Services

TIMG’s document destruction service is dedicated to keeping your business safe from any security threats resulting from discarded information. We provide a range of services for document destruction, from onsite secure bins through to bulk destruction of documents and records.


See how Keypoint Law found a strategic solution with TIMG’s Digital Mailroom


TIMG Bespoke Outsourced Mail Management. Digital Mailroom.


Outsourced Mail Management

Our Digital Mailroom service will ensure that any item delivered outside of your established business rules will be returned to the sender via Australia Post (if sent to your P.O. Box address) or to the original delivery service/courier. We’ll take care of the chaos so that you can focus on the important stuff.

Want to know more about our Digital Mailroom Services?

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers about TIMG Digital Mailroom Services

As an experienced information management company, we have the knowledge and infrastructure to implement a bespoke Digital Mailroom solution for you in the shortest period of time. The speed of the implementation process will depend entirely on the scope of your business needs.

We will work with you to establish the most appropriate digital mailroom workflow. We can export your digital copies to a variety of sources and can also offer a secure connection to our hosted Cloud repository, OpenDiscover. Here, you can store all your digital mail online and turn them into full-text searchable assets. This solution allows you to quickly search your repository for documents, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, and images with most major document formats supported, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Rich Text, Outlook PST, Exchange EDB, Adobe PDF, and many others more.

Certainly. We are happy to collect index data for your documents to assist in filing them or searching them later. Much of this can be done automatically and where this is not possible, our data entry team will capture this manually on a per document basis. We can then provide this index data in an Excel file, CSV or any other format required.

It’s important to note that we treat your data the same way we treat ours. Our digital mailroom solution has several security safeguards including, secure access to your data and our own protections against data loss. We employ a robust backup strategy to ensure that critical data is not lost or compromised.

Interfacing with TIMG systems can simply be through an SFTP or customised workflow. Multi-channel document data feeds can be ingested as part of the workflow to capture, classify, and index documents according to your business rules and processed for delivery to your digital mailroom.

Yes. We offer secure destruction services that support your retention period obligations. Our destruction services include document destruction, e-Waste, digital media and bulk paper.  All destruction is carried out under strict supervision and in accordance with our Certification and Compliance accreditations.