TIMG Backup for Public Cloud – AWS, Azure and Google

Although Microsoft, Amazon and Google are responsible for the infrastructure, the Shared Responsibility Model ensures it is still your responsibility to protect your data. TIMG’s backup for public cloud uses Veeam’s cloud-native backup to get a copy of your backups securely offsite so you can have peace of mind that your data is always available.


Cloud-native backups for AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform

When it comes to any third-party cloud, the responsibility is on the customer to secure and protect their data. From accidental deletion to configuration issues, there’s plenty of opportunity to lose your data in the cloud.

Veeam Backup for GCP delivers Google‑native, fully automated backup and recovery to easily protect, secure and manage all your GCP data.

Native fully automated AWS backup and disaster recovery to effortlessly protect and manage your Amazon EC2, RDS, EFS and VPC data.

| Built with simplicity, scalability, savings and security in mind, you can easily eliminate the risk of data loss for your public cloud services while saving big. 


Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure

Veeam Backup for Microsoft Azure provides native backup integration for Microsoft Azure services. In conjunction with Veeam Backup and Replication it enables cross platform backup and restore capabilities, including moving backups to Veeam Cloud Connect repositories to ensure your data is secure and independent of Azure, able to be archived in the format you require (including low-cost Tape-as-a-Services by TIMG, for economical long-term storage of archived backups.)

| Utilising native snapshots, backup to object storage tiers and flexible recovery options, you can eliminate the risk of data loss — even at scale.


Cloud mobility has never been easier

Greater Security

Secure your data from ransomware, cyberthreat and natural disasters. Ensure your data is always secure and available.

Set and forget simplicity

Policy-based automation easily manages the creation, retention and lifecycle of native snapshots, eliminating manual processes, custom scripts and agents.

Cloud Mobility

Backup, recover and migrate your files, application items and instances across cloud, virtual and physical environments.

Fast and flexible recovery

Easy wizard-driven recovery options enable near-zero RTOs, from entire instances to individual files and folders, as well as instant recovery to other platforms.

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