Forensic Collection

Our certified experts collect forensically-sound and legally defensible digital evidence.


There is more to digital evidence than meets the eye.

Increasingly, mobile technology and remote workforces are blurring the lines between personal and business data and at TIMG, we understand the associated challenges.

| Our team of certified computer forensic examiners will work with key stakeholders to identify relevant sources of electronic evidence, assist with preservation measures, and acquire data from a variety of sources.


TIMG can identify key sources of electronic evidence and advise
on best practices to preserve data prior to collection.

Full Chain-of-Custody

Our processes ensure that data is collected in a forensically sound and defensible way utilising best-practice tools, techniques and documentation.

Complex Data Analysis

We assist clients with the management of complex data types, complex data repositories and the identification of additional sources of evidence.

Save time and money

We manage cost blowouts by ensuring that all evidence sources are collected correctly at the very start of litigation or investigations.

Legally Defensible

We provide thorough documentation of all data collection processes including, searches used to identify data and verification of data integrity.


Every interaction with data, leaves a footprint.

We assist your business with:
  • Forensic collection of electronic data
  • Advice on potential risks
  • Identification of information repositories
  • Management and handling of complex data types
Common collections include:
  • Imaging of laptops, desktops and mobile devices
  • Collections from servers, email, cloud repositories, and social media platforms

| Collections are challenging, and the technologies we are confronted with are rapidly changing. We make it our business to stay up-to-date with new data types, new devices and increasingly complex repositories.

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