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Data is the lifeblood of any business. When disaster strikes, be it the deletion of a crucial document or damage to physical infrastructure, you need to ensure your business can withstand the blow. TIMG’s cloud backup service offers offsite data protection redundancy at a fraction of the cost of managing an offsite backup platform yourself.

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A simple, reliable, Cloud Connect backup solution by Veeam that adheres to the 3-2-1 rule.

Offsite backups are not only a compliance requirement but the last line of defence against any data loss incident. A cloud-based backup solution powered by Veeam gives organisations the flexibility to protect any data workload wherever it may be. With work from home becoming the norm in many industries, having a solution that does not rely on on-premises infrastructure ensures you can protect your data on any device from anywhere.

| With cloud backups, a copy of your data is always securely offsite, ensuring you meet the requirements of your compliance obligations.  

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What is the 3-2-1 rule?

Backups are vital. However, a single backup often is not enough to protect you from every threat or eventuality.

At TIMG, we protect your data using the time-honoured 3-2-1 backup strategy.

This approach ensures you always have:
3 copies of your data using
2 different storage mediums
1 of which is in the cloud

TIMG 3-2-1 Backup Strategy. 3 2 1 backup strategy  Sydney, 3 2 1 backup strategy  Melbourne, 3 2 1 backup strategy  Canberra, 3 2 1 backup strategy  Brisbane, 3 2 1 backup strategy  Adelaide, 3 2 1 backup strategy  Perth, 3 2 1 backup strategy  Darwin, 3 2 1 backup strategy  Hobart, 3 2 1 backup strategy  Australia. 3 2 1 backup strategy  Australia-wide. 3 2 1 backup strategy  Near me. 3 2 1 backup  Sydney, 3 2 1 backup  Melbourne, 3 2 1 backup  Canberra, 3 2 1 backup  Brisbane, 3 2 1 backup  Adelaide, 3 2 1 backup  Perth, 3 2 1 backup  Darwin, 3 2 1 backup  Hobart, 3 2 1 backup  Australia. 3 2 1 backup  Australia-wide. 3 2 1 backup  Near me. 3 2 1 backup rule


Protect your data with a secure Cloud Connect Backup powered by Veeam.

Ultimate Flexibility

Move data quickly back on-premises or to another cloud platform.

Unlimited Scalability

Built-in scalability allows our platform to accommodate your data growth, so your information is always protected.

TIMG Archive Cloud Security

Data Security

Privacy by design, means that only you and other authorised members of your team have access to your information.

Cost Savings

Our offering means you do not need to invest in expensive hardware and software.


Security and protection of your data across all major platforms


What are the benefits of using TIMG for your Cloud Connect Backup by Veeam?

TIMG’s Cloud Backup service offers unlimited flexibility, allowing you to have complete control over your data. By isolating your information from your production environment, you can protect it from local device failures, malicious or accidental deletion, data corruption, and ransomware.

When you engage with TIMG, you don’t receive an off-the-shelf backup solution.

We can take full responsibility for solution design, implementation, testing,
restoration and ongoing maintenance.

| Our engineering team will be front and center consulting with you to design a data backup or disaster recovery solution that fits your organisational needs.


Need to include tape backups into your data protection plans?

We offer managed Tape-as-a-Service. This includes secure offsite vault storage, restoration and ransomware resiliency with air-gapped backups.

TIMG Tape-as-a-Service backup plan. Air-gapped backups Australia. Tape to Cloud Backup Australia.


Cloud-Based Backups Tailored to Your Requirements

Since launching our cloud backup offering in 2008, we have rapidly grown, becoming the largest ANZ based Veeam cloud service provider. TIMG has a global network of data centres that provide you with local and international data protection capabilities.

With our industry-leading solution design and Veeam-Powered technology, we tailor our cloud backup service to align with your business needs.

| Ensure compliance and get the confidence you need, knowing our platform protects your data on any device, anywhere.

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Security and Simplicity in one Enterprise Solution

OpenDiscover offers your staff secure access to a scalable data repository.

End-to-End Encryption

Protection for your confidential information in transit and at rest.

Disaster Recovery

Web-Based Portal

Complete control of your cloud backups with an easy-to-use portal where you can manage backup policies and institute recoveries.

TIMG Archive Cloud Security


Automatically verify every restore point and ensure flawless recovery.

* License dependent – we can advise the best license for your configuration.

Accelerated Recovery Time

Recover to any site rapidly and efficiently.

| Leveraging Veeam’s award-winning Platform, our solution ensures the protection of your data with secure backups replicated to our data centres.

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