Tape Restoration

We restore backup data from LTO Tape to Cloud Storage. Our tape restoration and conversion services can handle most files including VMs, emails and databases. We specialise in building legacy backup environments designed to be compatible with your existing tapes, enabling availability of your legacy data.

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Secure and compliant Tape Restoration for your backup tape media

At TIMG, we restore backup sets from legacy media to encrypted portable media or our cloud storage. If you decide to change your backup software or media storage type, we can ensure your data is restorable to meet compliance requirements.

| Our tape restoration service supports all common tape formats from DAT through to LTO9 and various DLT formats.

Understand your Inventory

We help you make sense of your current tape inventory, backup software and hardware required to successfully restore your tapes.

Review and Identify Data

Knowing what tapes you have is the first step, knowing what data is on them comes next. We can assist you to view your existing tape backup catalogue.

Find Legacy Data

Are you looking for a needle in a haystack? Need to find a particular email from an old exchange server? Our discovery process will help find it.

Restoration And Delivery

Dependent on your preferred media, environment and deadline, we can present your restored data to you in several ways including via FTPS.


We are the experts in all things tape. Let us help you sort and manage your legacy tape backups.

TIMG Tape Restoration Cost Saving

Affordable Restore Environment

Leverage TIMG’s tape restore environment to avoid costs associated with maintaining old tape hardware.

Secure and Fast Access to your Data

Have your tape server close to your tapes, saving time when you need data in a hurry.

Software and Version Compatibility

Software compatibility allows us to troubleshoot using legacy backup software.

Managed Restoration Environment

Mission critical data like encryption keys and catalogues can get lost or forgotten. TIMG keeps these safe with your environment.


Tape Restoration and Discovery made easy

We help you select the right tapes from your inventory and work with you to find the desired data for restoration. If you have a deadline, we help identify the resources and information necessary to complete the project within your desired time frame. If you don’t have any previous information about your backup tapes, don’t worry!

| Our team of experienced restore engineers can analyse the raw data to identify the type of backup software used, and reverse engineer your original backup environment.

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We have experience with all major backup formats

tape restoration - veritas backup exec
tape restoration - veritas
data restoration - vertitas netbackup
data restoration - veeam
tape restoration - arcserve
tape restoration - symantec
hewlett packard enterprise
data protector


Restore your data to our Secure Cloud for quick and easy access.

At TIMG, we employ stringent policies around quality, security and environment. Our accreditations are externally audited and internally tested regularly as part of that compliance. Your data is safe with us regardless of where it’s stored, be it tape, hard drive or cloud.

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Here are some frequently asked questions about TIMG Tape Restoration Services.

We can definitely help you make sense of your tape inventory. We can guide you with difficult decisions by identifying which tapes to keep, what to destroy and what to restore to cloud storage. Talk to our restoration team for more info.

We can indeed. Knowing what tapes you have is the first step, knowing what data is on them is next. We can assist you in viewing your tape backups or we can build you a new environment, providing clarity as to what data the tapes hold.

Our discovery services are tailored to meet the stringent requirements of legal discovery processes. Whether you’re looking for a specific email from a decade-old exchange server or need comprehensive data retrieval, we will work with you to ensure a thorough discovery and acquisition of the necessary information. We deliver the data in a legally compliant format, be it VM files, raw data, emails, or database files, leveraging our expertise in reconstructing legacy exchange environments and database servers to extract the precise file type required for your case. Our team of eDiscovery specialists are also available to help bring large volumes of ESI under control in a fast, cost-effective and defensible manner.

We can restore your backup data from LTO tape to cloud storage, including most files, VMs, emails and databases. Once we have your data, we can present it back to you in several ways, depending on your preferred media and deadline. Depending on your preference TIMG can restore backup sets from legacy media to encrypted portable media or our cloud storage. If you have recently changed backup software or media storage type, we can ensure your data is restorable to meet compliance requirements. TIMG tape restoration supports all common tape formats from LTO1 through to LTO9 and various DLT formats.

In July 2006, Freightways Limited (FRE), our parent company based in New Zealand, acquired the Australian information management firm, DataBank Technologies Pty Ltd (DataBank).
Subsequently, within that year, a rebranding initiative was undertaken, and we were renamed as TIMG (The Information Management Group). It is worth noting that this transition was seamless for DataBank’s clientele, with no disruption to service operations, ensuring business continuity for all existing clients.