Innovative Document Management for Australian Businesses

Experience a simpler work life through efficiency, order and accessibility. From traceable file storage and secure online backups, to streamlined workflows and more, we ensure security and compliance with the highest industry and government standards. With TIMG, your documents are in safe hands.

Every organisation is unique, which is why we take a tailored approach with all of our clients. Let the TIMG experts customise our data solutions to suit your specific needs. See how your workplace runs seamlessly and smoothly with our advanced and innovative software.

Online cloud backup

With our secure and automatic online backup and disaster recovery services, your data will always be protected and easily accessible. Furthermore while we use global-leading solutions matched with the latest proven technologies, you can be confident your information is securely stored and managed right here in Australia.

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Records storage

Secure and efficient offsite storage solutions for your physical files and document boxes. Matched with our advanced yet user-friendly software, you can access your complete inventory online to easily catalogue, retrieve, track, destroy and digitise your documents on demand.

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Data protection

We're committed to protecting your confidential information. Our wide range of data protection services includes data restoration, conversion and migration; secure and compliant degaussing and destruction; and escorted national and international transfers.

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Our electronic document management services provide workflow solutions for existing digital files, including the ability to digitise and index existing documents. In addition to scanning, eBusiness information management solutions can convert and consolidate a range of backup media formats, and move entire legacy backup libraries to the cloud.

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Delivering the future of work today

Discover the great range of services we offer and see what fits with your business. Whether you’re a small business, a medium enterprise or a large company, we can customise what we offer to suit your needs. We are trained and educated in the latest technology in document management and storage, specialising in a range of software. Streamline data search and sharing using eDiscovery, manage and access your physical inventory using our advanced document storage solutions, preserve old documents online with document conversion and free up your space using our complete archiving solutions.   If you’re not sure what service is right for you, it’s easy to get in touch with our friendly team who are happy to guide you through the process.

Comprehensive data solutions available across the country

Our passionate team are dedicated to providing simple, streamline solutions for businesses of all sizes. We don’t just offer a one-size-fits-all solution, but instead, take into consideration the unique needs and requirements of every business. Whether you’re looking for that simple storage system that helps you manage old files, or want a complete remodelling of your data management, you can find the perfect fit at TIMG. We have branches across Australia including Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney. If you are interested in finding out more about how TIMG can help you, contact one of our branches or fill out an enquiry form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.
"I don't say this very often, but everyone in your company has been wonderful. Roger - fantastic. Ian - fantastic. The manager - fantastic. Everyone has been great! And the way everything runs is impressive. It's easily a 100/100 service!"
Read MoreProperty Conveyancer, Victoria
"The service is wonderful and the online system is great - it's so detailed! Alia is very helpful and gets straight to the point, doing everything immediately. I also appreciated Tim coming in to show us how to use the Coalesce system. The face-to-face customer service is exceptional and very pro...
Read MoreTelecommunications Shop, South Australia
"TIMG provides us with unbelievable service. I am particularly impressed with Sean and Dragan; they are the most professional gentlemen that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Their performance always goes above and beyond. From me, 110 out of 100!"
Read MoreManaging Partner, Queensland-based Law Firm
"We were thoroughly impressed with the professional approach of the TIMG team. They continuously exceed our expectations and we would act as a verbal reference for anyone contemplating this service."
Read MoreOperations and Change Manager, Victorian Government Department
"Switching from a competitor was the best decision we've ever made - TIMG offers a fantastic service just like the sales people promised! Sean and Dragan are amazing to deal with. They are always really friendly and if we call them to say we have a lot...
Read MoreCorporate Manager, National Restaurant



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