Metadata Capture

Customise your Metadata capture for faster and more accurate search results, saving you time and resources. We can automate your metadata capture with our secure in-house validation and verification processes.


Choose the right provider for your metadata project

Almost all records contain some sort of meaningful data that identifies what the document is about. It might be an account number, name, address etc. In a database, these can be captured to identify and locate digital items, such as files and images.

| Understanding how to use Metadata can make it easier to understand, organise and access your own data.


Understanding Metadata and how it can help your Organisation

Tools such as optical character recognition (OCR) can assist in automating metadata capture. We can help you with indexing and verification, and using OCR will reduce the cost and time needed to import metadata information correctly.

OpenDiscover offers your staff secure access to a scalable data repository.

Enhanced Searchability

Metadata can make your digital content more searchable by adding keywords and tags that help search engines and databases find and display your content more accurately.

Improve Productivity

Metadata can help you categorise and organise your digital files, making it easier to locate and manage them. This can save you time and effort when searching for specific files.

Improved Accessibility

Metadata can help to identify content. You will be able to identify ownership, date, and copyright information, making it easier for others to use and share your data appropriately.

Improved Security

Metadata can help track and monitor digital files, providing critical information about access and permissions. Control who can view, edit and share your data.


Frequently asked questions about TIMG Metadata capture

We always suggest using an accredited and experienced information management company regarding technical aspects of data management. You need to know WHY and WHAT you want to take from the project. Start by defining your project goals before you look for providers. Know what you want to achieve with your metadata project. This will help you identify the type of provider you need and the specific services they should offer.

We can definitely help you. There might be a fair amount of negotiation between you and your provider, but we have definitely taken on projects like this over the years. If you are not convinced they have the necessary expertise, please get in touch with our team of digitisation specialists to discuss your needs.


Firstly, we understand the importance of developing a partnership with you and your team rather than just providing a service. We’ll take the time to understand what you need and then offer you a fully managed solution that fits your budget – no hidden costs. We’ll ensure that you always know where the project is and what is included in the price.



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