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The ICT team at TIMG, collaborates with our clients to remove the complexity around ICT procurement. With more than eighty significant vendor partnerships, our team can provide the best product solutions for your business. Establishing trusted professional relationships with our clients allows us to always present clients with the latest strategic tech, software solutions and office supplies.


Tailored procurement solutions designed to support and improve your business outcomes

Built on more than a decade of strong sales across data storage, licensing, filing, archive and hardware procurement – our ICT team offers real industry experience in the provision of cost-effective business solutions.

| As a licensed reseller of a wide range of big brand technology hardware and software, we work on your behalf to secure competitive pricing combined with excellent customer service.  


How the TIMG procurement team can assist your business

Hardware Procurement Solutions at Scale

Our IT hardware procurement teamwork with you establish a strategic plan for the long-term success of your business. Choosing the right procurement partner is all about trust and reliability.

IT Software Renewals and Maintenance

Remove the complexity and management of your software license renewals. The team at TIMG will manage your software contracts including negotiation of contracts and agreements.

IAAS – Infrastructure as a Service

Talk to our specialist team about our IaaS solution that allows you to lease a server/s for the express purpose of data management and storage in the cloud. Be free of the hassle and costs associated with onsite infrastructure.

IT Buy-Back Services – The Green Solution

This green e-Waste repurposing solution sees non-data holding electronic items or electronic assets with data destroyed – being reused either within your business or externally giving them second and third lives.


ICT – Information, Communication and Technology Sales Team

Our team of specialists offer reliable tailored solutions, exceptional service and quality technology products.

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Thabiso Rametsi
ICT Sales Consultant

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I have been at TIMG for nine and a half years and enjoy my role as an ICT sales consultant servicing clients from SMBs to enterprises Australia-wide. At TIMG, I have witnessed our clients’ ever-evolving technology needs and have made it my business to share the latest information and strategies to help keep them competitive and relevant. Building customer relationships and trust is a part of the journey I enjoy most.

Outside of work, I am just a regular person who likes football (soccer in Australia). My favourite team is FC Barcelona because of the style of play and the club’s world-class players. Don’t even get me started on the ongoing debate about who is the better player between Ronaldo and Messi – it could well turn into an argument!

I am also a car enthusiast especially old school cars – there is something about speed and the smell of fuel that gets my blood rushing. I enjoy taking long road trips and just driving without a plan to see where the road takes me.

Emma Liu

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This is my sixth-year at TIMG; I love the people here and enjoy the work environment and tight-knit company culture. I believe in the saying, “rose presented, the smell remained.” Sharing always makes me happy because it ends up being double happiness.

With my engineering background, I’m excited to see how rapidly technology is changing. I want to provide our customers with the latest information and products to ensure their success. When not working, I love cooking and baking – delicious food will always ease my mind.

Wenona Pledge

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Starting in the banking industry, I moved into document management almost 20 years ago after having my son.  Initially hired in a finance role, I was promptly tasked with managing and improving our existing company’s system and procedures and setting up all-new ones as the business expanded.  As a detail-oriented person, I enjoy looking after the little details and assisting our team to achieve the best results for our clients.

Outside of work, I believe the simple pleasures are life’s greatest treasures. I love doing anything with family and friends.  I love baking, and I am currently in my macaron phase; not so simple, but definitely a pleasure! 

Simon Rothon
ICT Sales and Product Coordinator

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After relocating from the UK in 2007, I have been in the Document management field for almost 16 years. Starting as a document delivery driver to help me navigate my new home of Melbourne, I quickly moved into daily operations, warehouse operations, and product management.

With a comprehensive knowledge of document-filling solutions, I aim to help clients streamline and organise their offices for a more efficient and productive workspace. Whether it’s new cabinetry for an office or a more straightforward solution to maintain and track documents here at TIMG ICT, we have all bases covered.

In my home time, I raise my 6-year-old son, try my hand at various arts, and collect and sell old Funk and Jazz records from around the world. I love to travel and have had the privilege of having lived in four different countries so far in my life. I am also keenly interested in cooking, especially Southeast Asian cuisine. If it’s spicy, it’s on my menu!

Gordon Hockley
ICT Sales and Product Coordinator

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I relocated to Australia in 2001 on a temporary residency visa, now ‘fondly known’ as ‘The 457 Heartbreak Visa’, due to the demanding requirements and one that no longer exists.

I started a Sales Position with Shred-X in Queensland. Part of this role was to manage and grow the new Document Storage division that Shred-X had created. Eventually, the box storage division was acquired by Freightways to help set up a box storage branch in Brisbane.

I progressed from a Sales role to Sales Manager, then to Branch Manager of the newly opened Melbourne Branch and later became the State Manager for Victoria and Tasmania.

After 17 years with Shred-X, I decided to ‘retire ‘in July 2022 but soon realised that I was not ready to “do nothing,” and when Mike Reynolds approached me to consider a casual role in sales within the ICT department, I decided that would be an excellent challenge learning more about product that I had not previously sold.

My mantra is: “Nothing is impossible, and persistence and dedication will eventually provide a solution.”

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