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Tape is relatively cheap, it’s reliable and offers protection against crypto viruses and hacker attacks and remains one of the most popular choices for offsite backups and long-term retention. At TIMG we offer a managed Tape-as-a-Service solution.


Air-gapped backups

The definition of an “Air-gapped backup” means that your data is offline and independent from other networks protecting you entirely from cyberattacks and ransomware. At TIMG, we have designed a tape solution that removes traditional headaches associated with tape management such as expensive infrastructure maintenance costs and time-consuming hands-on management.

| Data security is a central element of every solution we offer our clients.


Secure and reliable protection of your data

Latest Tape Inventory

At TIMG we always suggest using the latest LTO tape for increased capacity and lifespan.

Secure Data Vault Storage

We offer secure storage and transportation of your backup tapes in our climate controlled and strictly monitored data vaults. We also manage tape restores.

The 3-2-1 Rule

Tape plays a crucial role in the 3-2-1 strategy where you always have backups stored on two different types of media.

Ransomware Resilience

Alongside Veeam’s Insider Protection feature, tape offers an additional layer of protection and security against modern ransomware attacks.

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