Specialist Digitisation Consultancy

Do you have an upcoming digitisation project and don’t know where to start? Talk to our experienced digitisation team to help you manage your project while retaining local retention policies.

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Experienced and Knowledge – Specialist Digitisation Consultancy

Talk to one of our TIMG specialist digitisation consultancy experts with your requirements and we will help to identify, sort, classify and catalogue records as per your local retention policy to maintain regulatory compliance, improve accessibility, reduce storage space, and eliminate risks.

| A TIMG specialist digitisation project manager offers a range of benefits to your document digitisation project, including expert guidance, time and cost management, quality control, and risk management.


A TIMG Digitisation Specialist will manage all the essential elements of your project.

Expertise and Knowledge

A TIMG digitisation project manager brings extensive knowledge and experience to every new job. We ask questions, listen to our clients and then provide expert guidance on the best practices, tools, and technologies required to complete your project successfully.

Cost Management

TIMG project managers will help you manage costs associated with document digitisation. Because digitisation projects can be time-consuming, we work hard to ensure that projects are brought in on time and within budget by reducing duplication and avoiding mistakes.

Quality Control

Our experienced digitisation project managers, will oversee the job from start to finish, ensuring that quality standards are met throughout the process. They can implement quality control measures, perform regular reviews, and ensure that the final product meets your expectations.

Risk Management

Document digitisation projects can be complex and come with their own set of risks. A TIMG digitisation project manager will help you identify potential risks and will develop strategies to mitigate them, reducing the likelihood of costly project delays or failures.


Our digitisation solutions are about
secure processes and accountability

TIMG’s Specialist Digitisation Team manages:

Physical Records Processing

Our team will manage the cataloguing and sorting of records by retention period as per all relevant retention policies.

Scanning & Storage

Physical records are scanned and indexed for secure access. Secure storage and digitisation strategies are available.

Secure Destruction

TIMG can provide secure document destruction of physical records.

| Our records specialists have many years of experience managing projects of all descriptions, from Royal Commissions to three-person conveyancing businesses.


See how the Yacaaba Centre successfully utilised TIMG’s Digitisation Solution


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Frequently asked questions about TIMG Specialist Digitisation

A TIMG digitisation project manager will have significant experience in the planning, implementation, and monitoring of digital transformation projects that involve converting hard copy documents and legacy records into digital formats. Our team will work with you to improve efficiency, accessibility, and overall effectiveness of your organisation’s operations.

As a solutions-driven business, we aim to ensure that your project meets agreed outcomes. Our project managers will first ask questions and will then establish a clear project plan with defined goals and objectives, stakeholder engagement, budget and resource allocation, risk management, and ongoing monitoring and evaluation.

We strive to engage all relevant stakeholders in secure process-driven activity for the project’s duration. Our staff is also security vetted and well experienced in managing confidential information. Because we strictly adhere to our own compliance obligations, we regularly conduct risk assessments to ensure all agreed processes are well established and are followed by all.

The true measure of a successful digitisation project is when we have a happy client. Depending on the project size, we can measure our output using various key performance indicators (KPIs), such as the accuracy and completeness of digitised data, the efficiency and effectiveness of digitised processes and the project’s overall return on investment (ROI). Our project managers’ role is to regularly monitor and evaluate to ensure that the project is achieving its intended outcomes and to make any necessary adjustments to the project plan.