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Chris Cotterrell

General Manager

Having lived and worked overseas earlier in my career, I have enjoyed exploring Australia, especially as I visit our offices located in each state. My guilty pleasures mainly involve the great outdoors: scuba diving, 4WD driving and travelling.  During the past ten years, I have had the privilege of leading TIMG’s growth and development, which has included the acquisition of companies that offer complementary services to benefit our clients.  Our success is largely due to our people’s dedication to customer service.  Our culture is all about empowering our own people to develop and be creative while having fun. We love challenges and look forward to working with our clients to develop innovative strategies and digital solutions for the future.

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Shabnam Pourbozorgi

National Manager

I enjoy exploring new places and cultures.  Travel is a big part of our family activities and we spend many holidays discovering new places to visit both in Australia, Europe and Asia. The development of TIMG’s client-centric culture has been one of my prime goals throughout my 15-year history with the company.  Staff training and KPIs are explicitly linked to our Client Care Index to ensure that we maintain high standards and ISO certifications. I’m also involved with establishing our new operations, including those in the Northern Territory, and building strong service-focused teams. TIMG’s new branding reflects our culture and gives us a fresh identity to move forward in the new digital age of information management.

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Jason Carr

Regional Manager NSW, ACT and TAS

I’m a keen sports fan, especially motor racing and football. When not watching or playing sports, I spend my free time relaxing with my family. To be honest, with three young ones, there is not much relaxing done! I’ve always had an interest in people and solving problems. At TIMG, we understand that the technology and processes involved in providing reliable, accurate and comprehensive Information Management solutions are rapidly evolving. It’s exciting to lead a team of Information Management professionals whose sole focus is to deliver solutions tailored to you, coupled with a level of customer service unrivalled in this industry. The year 2016 has been a game changer for us. With a brand new state-of-the-art facility in Sydney, we are not only focused on today’s challenges but excited for what tomorrow holds.

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Mike Reynolds

Regional Manager VIC and SA

My affinity with nature developed in my younger years when I began working as a Conservation Officer on the wild nature reserves in South Africa. Nowadays, my nature pursuits are somewhat tamer and usually involve camping, fishing, 4WD and travelling. Since 2007, I have helped to significantly expand our Victorian business–including our operations in Tasmania–with a strong focus on providing digital solutions to improve workflow processes. My teams have successfully integrated the acquisitions of three local companies into our business and have moved premises with little service disruption. Our ability to assist companies large and small with the same high standard of customer service is what set us apart, and is responsible for our consistently positive client feedback.

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Sean Kays

Regional Manager QLD and WA

Growing up overseas, I enjoyed some truly awesome experiences. But my most rewarding experience was the five years spent as a Lieutenant with the Country Fire Authority in NSW and Victoria, leading an amazing group of volunteer firefighters. These days, my young family takes up most of my spare time, but I still enjoy the bush and Queensland’s beaches. In 2007, I took on the challenge of establishing Queensland’s first warehouse and data vault, housing both data and documents under one roof. Our success was a credit to the hard work of our logistics team, who provided uninterrupted services to our clients. Since then, we have grown and prospered exponentially. In addition, we are now offering an expanded range of digital services to our clients.

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Nathan Richards

ACT State Manager

Since I moved to Canberra, my weekends have been spent enjoying the great facilities and exploring the local towns and regional area. Outside of this, my family finds time to support fundraising activities for Diabetes Australia. The ACT is a very competitive market but our focus on service is a strong point of differentiation for us. We take a holistic approach, looking at the performance of the whole business and working through issues, helping our clients to overcome their challenges rather than just selling them a product. TIMG believes in adding value for long-term benefit. We help to streamline processes and offer a tailored and flexible solution. Most importantly we come through with our promises and make our clients’ satisfaction our prime focus.

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Maurice Hewson

State Manager SA and NT

I’m an avid music lover: listening to music and playing in bands are my two secret passions. I also maintain my fitness and love supporting my local football team. With more than 15 years’ experience in the records management industry, I understand that customer focus is central to developing meaningful business relationships. I have instilled this work ethic into the sales training programmes undertaken by all our Business Development Managers. As a team, we seek to engage with our clients and routinely support them through events, sponsorships, and industry conferences.  By learning about our clients’ operations and vision, we gain a deeper understanding of how to tailor the solutions that will best deliver them valuable innovation, business improvement, and cost-effective results.

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Christabel Marsh

TAS Branch Manager

Working for TIMG in both Perth and Sydney, I took my knowledge and experience to serve businesses in Tasmania. Now in Hobart, I enjoy singing in choirs, playing squash, swimming and being an active Rotary member. I spend most of my days driving around Tasmania, meeting clients and discussing the challenges they face in their business. This is an exciting time for the community as we focus on future growth through technology. With a background in hospitality, I understand the importance of building good relationships and keeping customers happy. My team and I set ourselves apart from our competitors because of the quality of the service we provide. Many of our clients have been with us for years and enjoy the friendships they share with our team members.

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Tineke Mann

eBusiness Manager

I love anything creative – photography, writing, cooking, and fashion.  Being an entrepreneur at heart, I’m constantly looking for small business opportunities to further my creative passions.  I believe in the power of positive energy and working with people to help them achieve their dreams. TIMG’s eBusiness division is primed to help companies prepare their systems and processes for the future.  We’re working closely with small to large businesses to develop customised solutions that will deliver both short and long-term benefits.  We understand the importance of helping clients transition to new technology in line with their vision, goals, and timeframes.  Our goal is to add value, improve efficiencies, minimise stress, and deliver our clients profitable, creative, and tailored solutions.

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Brett Mckenzie

NT Branch Manager

Having lived in almost every Australian state, the Northern Territory stands out because of the wonderful people, weather and lifestyle. With a background in transport, I’ve had experience driving in some of the most remote and inhospitable regions in outback Australia. After a total of 10 years in Darwin, I enjoy keeping active and outdoors with hikes and visiting the various swimming holes in the nearby National Parks. As the NT is famous for its people, our Darwin team is no exception. They work to the highest standards and do so in a personable and friendly manner which our clients appreciate. This is an exciting time for the community as we focus on future growth through technology.

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Phil Watts

Commercial Finance Manager

A born and bred Sydney native, although I did some early schooling internationally for two years. With degree in hand, I spent more than decade with a major player in the Funds Management industry. Talk in billions left a desire to work in something more tangible, so a decade in the Automotive industry was next. Damn that GFC, people just stopped buying cars. So, prior to TIMG, I ran a shipping & logistics business from Australia and several Pacific locations. Now with several years managing TIMG Finance, IT Infrastructure, and Compliance, I leverage off that earlier experience of ensuring as companies grow, they maximise their client experience, whilst exercising good corporate governance. Within all this, one of the greatest joys is an environment that allows employees to up skill and grow, particularly when employees achieve promotion.

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