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Software Licenses to Streamline Operations and Enhance Productivity

Software Licenses help reduce the risk of unexpected disruption

Having access to reliable industry-recognised software packages and licenses ensures operational efficiency through automation and innovation. Businesses that also understand their information management obligations when it comes to security and secure storage can mitigate risk by investing in software and licensing solutions that best meet the needs of their business.

Software Use Case: Erasure-as-a-Service using Blancco, an industry recognised software

Blancco software is perfect example of the benefits of using automated workflow software to better manage your data. With Blancco, users can securely erase data from end-of-life devices. From end points to servers and all manner of storage, be it onsite or remote highly regulated clients will be able to better control their IT assets life cycle and reduce chain of custody risk during the disposal process.

This software offers:

  • Dashboard in development to be added to existing management portal.
  • Centralised process to standardise data sanitisation operations across offices in multiple geographies.
  • In-built work flow to increase security and minimised risk for human error when processing large volumes on-prem.
  • Improved integration towards other asset management and data governance processes running in the enterprise.

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