Data Analysis

Identify and review key material. Gain insights into themes and trends.


Gain deeper insights into your material.

Traditional keyword searches are a useful starting point when exploring data, but how can you dive deeper to understand large volumes of material from a variety of sources.

| Our expert eDiscovery team can help you get the full picture by linking together related documents, exposing connections between people, and identifying key themes and concepts that may not be evident from initial searches.


Our team of experts will help you cut through the
noise to get the answers you need, fast.

Improve review efficiency

Speed up your review by prioritising subsets of documents based on an analysis of their key concepts. Grouping together conceptually similar documents can help reviewers make faster, more accurate decisions.

Reduce inconsistencies

Ensure your review team are on the same page when identifying relevant material. Analytics can be used to detect coding inconsistencies quickly, by visually grouping conceptually similar documents together.
Disaster Recovery

Network analysis

Gain insights into communication patterns between people and organisations. Identify links between POIs, as well as the volume of communications between them to assist with the piecing together of events.

Powerful AI

We use both Continuous Active Learning (CAL) and Simple Active Learning (SAL) models of predictive coding for fast review. Predictive coding can reduce time and costs by automating or speeding up the review process using powerful machine learning.

Cut through the noise of the case, dissect your data and get behind the real story of the event.

Analyse and present your data in a way that is easy to read and understand with the use of powerful and agile visualisations across your data set. Identify patterns and trends, as well as perform quick and easy culling to get you to the key information quickly. Identify gaps in your document set, and in your opponent’s discovery.

| Speed up your review times by harnessing the technology to help you meet your deadlines with ease.

For expert eDiscovery Data Analysis

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  • Proposed Privacy Laws and What This Means for Your Data
    The Australian Privacy Act (1988) was recently reviewed and in February a report proposing changes to reform Australian privacy law was publicly released. In 2018 the EU completed a similar reform resulting in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).