Pre-Paid Document Storage and Archive Security Services in Australia
One time cost including collection, tracking, storage and destruction

Secure, reliable, affordable with no hidden costs.

Whether your organisation is in the field of law, conveyancing, finance, insurance or healthcare, we can provide you with an outsourced solution that meets your requirements.

We offer entirely outsourced, scheduled or on-demand secure archive culling, packing, barcoding and indexing services performed by our experienced and specially trained staff.

Our archive security storage services and solutions are available across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane

TIMG’s Complete Archive Storage Solutions

Save time, space and money

Frees space and staff and eliminates the hassle of archiving

Document lifespan inclusion

Enables the lifetime cost of file retention to be recovered from the client.

Security and access for closed files

Closed files are securely stored, precisely tracked and available on demand.

Compliance and Standards

Operations certified and/or compliant with the highest Industry standards

Disaster Recovery
Finance company

The service we get from TIMG is better than we get from any other company. And I don’t just mean storage companies – your service is better than any other company we deal with.


Disaster Recovery

“I’ve been in private practice for 30 years. Your service is the best thing I’ve done.

The solution step-by-step

Barcodes for boxes/files supplied

Files collected by TIMG

Files digitised to PDF

Files catalogued and hosted securely online

Files available online 24/7

Document lifespan inclusion

Destruction at end of lifespan

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Questions & Answers

Some commonly asked questions about off-site document storage.

Firstly our people, they are “our people” not contractors. Our delivery teams are fully trained in security and customer service. Secondly, information management is what we do. Your records are safe with TIMG and your records are handled by professionals. We are not a courier company, so records do not travel with general freight and they are secure throughout the transportation chain. Thirdly, our systems and bespoke software, gives us the ability to deliver robust performance every time and help streamline your archiving activities. Lastly, we are constantly improving and making sure we offer the most up-to-date solutions for any of your records management requirements.

Possibly, yes – however, it is important to note that with the new privacy legislation in place, organisations that do use self-storage facilities, may not be fulfilling their legal obligations. We are happy to look at all options and come up with the best value proposition for our customers.

Not at all. Our software is able to handle any existing barcode. We simply import the data and scan away under the existing barcode. This makes any transition seamless, efficient and fast.

We use unmarked vehicles for security reasons. Each vehicle is satellite tracked, managed and owned by TIMG to ensure service schedules are adhered to, reducing risk and breakdowns. We are not a courier company, so records do not travel with general freight; they are secure through the transportation chain.