eDiscovery Consulting

TIMG’s experienced eDiscovery consultants will work with you to deliver tailored solutions that best suit your needs.


Our eDiscovery consultants understand that no two matters are the same.

Working with large volumes of documents can be daunting. Regardless of the size of your matter or your level of eDiscovery experience, having a trusted advisor on your side can help you make strategic and matter management decisions that allow you to manage your documents in an efficient, effective and compliant way.

| Our experts can help you with collection, processing, hosting, review and all technical aspects of your matter, irrespective of scale.


Our team of consultants provide cost-effective
expert management of your matter

Exchange Protocols

Our eDiscovery consulting team has decades of collective experience and can help you leverage document exchange to your strategic advantage.

Document Review

Using powerful analytic and workflow tools, our eDiscovery consulting team can help you to manage your document review project to your budget.

eDiscovery technology

With our suite of industry-leading eDiscovery technologies, and our expert eDiscovery consulting team, you will be able to get the most out of your data.

Responsive Service

Because we understand that matters can be unpredictable and time-critical, we take pride in our ability to help clients meet deadlines on time and on budget.


Engage a trusted advisor from the outset to help you manage large volumes of data.

TIMG’s eDiscovery consultants have decades of collective experience across a wide array of matters, including investigations, regulatory notices, Royal Commissions, and large litigation in both Australian and overseas jurisdictions.

| Drawing on our deep understanding of the eDiscovery process, as well as the tools and technologies of the industry, we can guide you through managing your matter related data from start to finish.

Nathan Roberts
National eDiscovery Manager
Rebekah McKiernan
eDiscovery Consultant
Sarah Bell
Business Development Manager
Lisa Parseghian
eDiscovery Project Manager

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