Micrographics and Book Digitisation

TIMG uses the latest scanning technology and post-processing software to capture and preserve your valuable micrographics data, microfilm, microfiche, aperture cards, negatives, books and registers.


Micrographics Digitisation

Historically, Microfilm and Microfiche were considered good long-term storage options for paper records. However, they can deteriorate significantly if not stored correctly. Let our digitisation experts help preserve your Micrographics archive before it’s too late.


Book Digitisation

Do you need to preserve a valuable old book or register? Our scanning process converts virtually any size book to any file format, including searchable PDF and editable text-based formats. Let the professionals help you achieve a high-quality result.

Micrographics Digitisation


When is the right time to start your Microfilm preservation project?

Technology and hardware obsolescence are significant drivers of the current wave of Microfilm transformation. Large organisations with substantial volumes of archive stored on microfilm are hard at work assessing their stored media because if stored under the wrong conditions, the ink on Microfilm can start fading with age making it difficult to retrieve valuable data.  

| Like all films, micrographic films deteriorate over time if not stored in controlled environments.


Unlock Data Previously Hidden In Your Microfilm Archive

Retrieve Quality Images

Let the technical expertise of our digitisation team guide your preservation project. Quality output will always be one of our main focuses.

Protect Vulnerable Data

It’s essential to understand your data and where it’s stored. Only employ a fully compliant and accredited provider like TIMG to convert it.

Meet Industry Regulations

Data sets stored on legacy formats are often forgotten about. When you digitise your data, you will be able to upgrade your compliance levels.

OpenDiscover offers your staff secure access to a scalable data repository.

Find Your Information Faster

Once digitised, we can securely link your digitised Microfilm data to other documents within your workflow. We will make your data work for you.


The benefits of digitising your archive with TIMG

When you use a trusted and accredited Information Management company like TIMG, you will draw on decades worth of experience in the form of our expert digitisation team and will have access to our custom in-house workflow software.

We will work with you to deliver:

  • Cost-effective and customised image capture
  • Cleaning of images
  • Metadata Capture
  • Quality Assurance


Here are some frequently asked questions about Micrographics Digitisation

We can scan all types of microfiche formats from 16mm and 35mm jackets to 48x COM Fiche.

We scan 16mm and 35mm film on rolls or 3M-type cartridges. We can also handle duplex or simplex film.

Our scanners can scan 35mm aperture cards with the ability to read the punched Hollerith data to create the file name.

Images can be provided in both bi-tonal and grayscale and either output to searchable PDF or TIFF.

Book Digitisation


Digitise your books, registers, magazines, or bound publications

TIMG uses the latest book scanning technology and post-processing software to capture and preserve your books and registers. Our digitisation team is security cleared and is experienced in scanning, indexing, and editing extensive collections of bound volumes. We work with governments, libraries, museums, and archivists to preserve rare books and volumes of significant value.  

| We capture every single page in high resolution without damaging the binding of the book.


Our scanning process converts virtually any size book or document to any file format

Preserve your Valuable Collection

Increasingly, digitisation is playing a vital role in preserving rare and valuable book collections. We act as an extension of your organisation and work with your team to protect your valuable archive.

Create Web accessible content

Digitisation is changing the way we share information, particularly books that were previously inaccessible to many. Once digitised, we can help you make your material Web accessible.

Create digital copies for all devices

Engaging an experienced and trusted digitisation company means you will receive expert advice on data hosting, export formats, data storage, indexing and more. Let the experts help you.

OpenDiscover offers your staff secure access to a scalable data repository.

Enable secure and easy access

Depending on the nature of your project and the volume of digitised material, we can offer you Open Discover. This hosting option provides secure access to your documents, PDFs, images, and more.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Book Digitisation

Our digitisation process is gentle, with staff trained in protective handling of the source material. Books will not be damaged during digitisation.

Bookmarking and Metadata extraction can be provided as part of our digitisation service.

Yes – we can export scanned images to editable formats and provide OCR correction as well as formatting to make your document look as close as the original source material as possible.


See how the Yacaaba Centre successfully utilised TIMG’s Digitisation Solution


Preserve your valuable archive with a bespoke TIMG digitisation solution.

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