How the Yacaaba Centre successfully reworked its Information Management strategy

Utilising TIMG’s Digitisation Solution, The Yacaaba Centre has managed to convert all its hard copy documents to a digital format for easy access and improved security.

The Challenge

As Non-Government Organisation that provides counselling support, information and advocacy to those who are at imminent risk of homelessness or are homeless, the Yacaaba Centre operates on a very tight budget. With a growing client base and limited real estate to securely store their records, the Centre needed to overhaul their Information Management plan. To add further pressure to their increasing case work, staff were becoming increasingly mindful about secure storage of their client records, which always need to be securely stored for a minimum of seven years.

The Solution

TIMG consulted with the Yacaaba Centre to determine a digitisation solution with the least disruption to their work flow. A plan was quickly drafted with an agreed timeline and project scope that included the collection of hard copy records and files, document preparation for digitisation, scanning of all hard copy to PDF images, multi-page indexing of scanned documents across three fields, return of digital files to client in agreed formats and the destruction of hard copy records at the expiry of retention periods. TIMG’s solution has enabled the Centre to transition their practise management to a paperless environment. Yacaaba has also now been able to free up valuable office space which was previously used for document storage.

Petra Offen

Operations Manager

Having our confidential client files digitally archived has made such a huge difference for our centre. Not only in appearance but also knowing that we are compliant. All files are stored in one place now, all employees know where and how to access them. Working with TIMG was such a positive experience: easy, straight forward, on time, precise and the support provided to make the process as simple as possible for us, was outstanding. Thanks TIMG.


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