Bailey Nelson wanted to consolidate their IT supplier list

Wrangling multiple IT suppliers and providers was proving to be an ongoing source of frustration for the team at Bailey Nelson. After canvassing a number of options, they decided to approach TIMG to discuss specifics.

The Challenge

The challenge for most businesses today, is to ensure that they remain up to speed on all matters digital, with the responsibility for this falling to the IT manager, and in the case of Bailey Nelson, Roshan Ghimire at their Sydney Head Office. With an ever-expanding network of over 50 retail outlets across Australia, Roshan was looking to establish a reliable and comprehensive procurement partnership. Because he had already established a good working relationship with TIMG, Roshan was easily able to leverage this connection to streamline the management of his IT procurement.

The Solution

With TIMG as the existing supplier of computer hardware to Bailey Nelson, Roshan had easy access to the full range of TIMG solutions and services. So, when he reached out to our ICT team to discuss the provision of software licenses, it didn’t take too long for the conversation to move onto more complex solutions including; off-site document storage, digitisation and data hosting.

The current relationship with Bailey Nelson is less about selling and buying products but more about establishing good information management processes and solutions. This was made possible because the team at Bailey Nelson understand that the secret to success is all about acknowledging the importance of using smart technology and reliable supply partnerships that ensure that their systems and infrastructure are secure and compliant.

Roshan Ghimire

IT Manager, Bailey Nelson

Ever since joining Bailey Nelson, I have been in touch with TIMG. In the initial stages, TIMG looked after our document storage and were our technology resources supply partner. But based on their efficiency and reliable service, we decided to expand our relationship. Right now, TIMG also provides us with services around software licensing, data hosting and vendor partnerships. I am very pleased with their service and certainly expect our partnership to grow stronger in the future.

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