Secure and reliable managed services
ensure your print room or mail room is handled with care, skill and security

Outsource document management with TIMG’s secure and reliable managed services.

Improve operations, reduce expenditure and work more efficiently. We help ensure your organisation stays up-to-date with the latest in print roommail room and document production and management.

  • Reduce costs
  • Keep up-to-date with leading strategies
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce risk
  • Insourcing and outsourcing available

TIMG’s Managed Services allow for optimum efficiency


Evaluation of Information

Workflow Systems

Copies and Logistics

Print Room Management

Print Room Management

TIMG’s ‘insourcing’ solution delivers specialised legal copying and printing services from your firm’s office.

The scope of our insourced print room includes managing on-site requirements, introducing workflows and managing overflow services from off site.

  • Provide and manage staff for your copy centre
  • Equip the print room and procure consumables
  • Provide a workflow system for placement and disbursement recovery of all production requests
  • Manage and supply overflow requests out of business hours.
Mail Room Management

Mail Room Management

Timeliness, accuracy and confidentiality are our priorities.

Law firms and corporate organisations alike require the highest levels of security and confidentiality; whether through the assistance of a print room set-up or through the basic delivery and courier management services.

  • Mail room management
  • Secure and confidential
  • Delivery and courier managment

Document production and management

Additional document production and management services are also available, providing you with a one-stop solution.

  • Discovery
  • Review sets
  • Briefs
  • Contracts
  • Transaction bibles
  • Hearing & tender bundles
  • Court copying/copying of subpoenaed records
  • CD/DVD burning and labelling
  • Custom-printed tab dividers
  • Binding
  • Laminating
  • Trolley hire
  • Court couriering
Document production and management

‘We’re accredited by the NSW Department of Courts Administration
to uplift and copy legal documents for all courts and tribunals’

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