Secure Document Destruction
Ensuring sensitive information doesn’t get into the wrong hands

No job is too big or too small. With TIMG, you can be confident your information is destroyed with the utmost care.

Our destruction services include document destruction, e-Waste, digital media, bulk paper and other non hazardous material such as staff uniforms.

All destruction is carried out under strict supervision and in accordance with our Certification and Compliance accreditations.

Secure and compliant with current Australian and New Zealand standards


Chain of Custody

Our secure point to point transport and complete chain of custody documentation leaves you with peace of mind. Click this link to see our comprehensive list of Compliance and Acccreditation .

Captured on CCTV

All TIMG facilities are covered by our 24 hour CCTV surveillance network. We also offer our clients the option to film their destruction jobs as further evidence of the destruction process.

Secure and Compliant

TIMG is a member of the Records & Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA) and accordingly, we practise secure destruction methods and procedures.

Issued with a Certificate

On completion of a destruction job, we will provide you with a Certificate of Destruction. This is a legally binding document verifying your adherence to privacy legislation.

Why use TIMG secure document destruction?

Our secure point-to-point transport and complete chain of custody documentation leaves you with peace of mind. At TIMG, we have facilities Australia wide, all certified for secure document destruction of information contained on media such as paper, micro media and physical hard drives.

Along with our destruction bin service, we can also collect and destroy bulk quantities of paper as required. This may be applicable if your business is moving locations or having an office clean out. To make it easy for you we can collect bulk paper by the box or by the pallet.

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Why use the TIMG e-Waste disposal service?

TIMG’s e-Waste service provides you with peace of mind that sensitive data residing on decommissioned computer or storage equipment is not able to be accessed by the wrong people. Our e-Waste service renders the equipment useless, protecting any data still stored on the device.

Our solutions can be tailored for households, small businesses or large corporates. An optional service is available to back-up your data to our secure cloud hosted platform prior to destruction. Talk to our Cloud Backup Consultants to find out more.

The destruction process step-by-step

Identify items for destruction

Understanding your legal obligations regarding data and record retention periods is crucial to your overall Information Management plan. TIMG can assist you with the identification, sorting and packing of documents which have reached their retention expiry dates.

Items collected by TIMG

Our security vetted staff will collect and transport your records to our facility for destruction. The transportation of all items/pieces in our custody is performed by TIMG staff in TIMG owned vehicles which are satellite tracked and monitored.

Compulsory Cooling-Off Period

We have a compulsory cooling off period once we take receipt of a clients’ data and information marked for destruction. Only upon confirmation from the client, will we carry out the destruction process. By determining a proper cooling off period, the client has the opportunity to double check any decisions regarding permanent destruction of their information.

Certificate of Destruction issued

With every destruction job carried out by TIMG, there is oversight and process in place to ensure that the correct information and data is being destroyed. On completion of secure destruction, we will issue a Certificate of Destruction as confirmation.

Want to know pricing or need help with a destruction plan?

Let your local TIMG expert help you.

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Frequently asked Questions and Answers

Secure Destruction Solutions

No you don’t – we use industrial-grade shredders capable of destroying entire files, binders, dividers and other storage media including CD’s, DVDs, videos and microfilm. Simply dispose of your confidential material in our secure containers ‘as is’. We’ll take care of the rest.

e-Waste is essentially anything that:

  • holds digital information / data such as computers, phones, hard drives and printers; or
  • is an electronic item and has reached the end of its useful life, has been superseded by a new model or is broken and no longer works.

Destroyed and non-data assets and electronic waste are recycled in accordance with international environmental and ethical specifications. We only partner with recycling companies who are e-Stewards and are certified sustainable recyclers.

Yes we can. Scale and scope is not a problem for us as we are able to provide the service as required.