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Document Conversion & Digitisation Across Australia

Document Conversion & Digitisation Across Australia

Experience a new world of business efficiency and innovation with our end-to-end document and record conversion and digitisation solutions, offered in most capital cities around Australia including Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin, Canberra, Brisbane, and Perth. With internationally ranked accreditation, including 27001, TIMG offer fully secure solutions and managed services.

Document Scanning to Preserve, Manage and Improve your workflow

Are you in need of digital document scanning services to preserve your historical documents and files?

No longer do you have to spend countless hours searching for physical documents – our secure scanning services convert documents into digital formats for easy and efficient storage and retrieval. This digitisation, combined with our fully customisable electronic document management system, means you can index your documents or records to make them electronically searchable. Our secure services extend to scanning confidential records for businesses and organisations across Canberra and beyond.




Scan not only single pieces of paper but also books, photos, plans and so much more – no document is too big or too small to digitise. We also offer negative scanning for film, so you can get your shots uploaded professionally.

The Digitisation Process:


Benefits to your business:

red-star  Accessibility

  • Quicker access
  • Multiple people
  • Multiple sites
  • Linked to other documents or available online

red-star   Usability

  • Searchability, including multiple search fields
  • Document preservation – no deterioration
red-star  Save space & money

  • No on-site storage
  • No filing

red-star  Security & compliance

  • No lost records
  • Only authorised access

red-star  Integration with workflow software

Contact us for more information about digitisation

If you have important physical documents lying around, make sure to get in touch with us. With locations all over Australia, including Perth, Canberra, Sydney, Melbourne, Darwin and Brisbane, we can make sure your documents remain safe and secure wherever your business is. Make sure to discover the other ways we can help your business.

It’s time to revolutionise your office workflow and turn physical into digital with these innovative solutions:


Document imaging

Our high-volume, quality scanners and our data entry services accurately convert and capture your paper records into a graphical image, indexing them so they can be electronically searched. To support your company’s entire document workflow lifecycle, we provide comprehensive off-site or in-house document management.

Our professional team, intelligent software, robust hardware and online storage and retrieval service provide a fast, accurate and dependable service for your business.

OCR conversions

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) transforms scanned images of handwritten, typed and printed scripts into machine-encoded text that can be electronically searched. Our intelligent scanners eliminate the tedious task of retyping paper documents by instantly recognising text and converting it for easy insertion into Word, Excel or PDF files.

We constantly improve our systems and processes to ensure our data entry results remain consistent and accurate.

Automated document and data capture

Eliminate tedious and erroneous data entry, reduce labour costs and streamline your business processes with TIMG’s intelligent software that automatically captures data from a range of image formats. A combination of OCR and handwriting recognition software captures data from scanned forms, surveys, invoices, HR records, manuals, magazines, books and more.
We have proven validation and verification procedures for data accuracy and quality assurance. This is a particularly vital step when securely scanning confidential documents.

High-quality scanning services

At TIMG our skilled scanning specialists provide high-quality, fast and cost-effective services for your business. Equipped with the latest, high-speed scanners and sophisticated software, we scan many document sizes and output to a wide range of image file formats. Complex documents are read, processed and separated accurately by our specially designed barcoded separator sheets. Double-sided pages are easily detected, while overlap-detection sensors continuously monitor documents being fed through.

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