Premium Confidential Courier Services in Australia

With enhanced security and speed, this Premium Contactless Service ensures that your high value items are transferred safely from point A to point B.

We handle your goods as though they were our own! So, if you are looking for a high quality, trusted courier to complete confidential corporate delivery services, you can count on us.

Secure delivery of your confidential items and documents

Track and Trace

All items are scanned on collection and then scanned again on delivery. You will know when, where and who handled your confidential items.

Company owned Fleet

We own our fleet of vehicles which are all satellite tracked and fitted out with security enhancements to ensure the safety of all cargo.

Next Day Delivery

We offer next day delivery to all locations within Australian metro regions. Other options are available for more urgent requirements.

Premium Service

With our Premium Delivery Services, your confidential items and documents will be handled by our full-time, security vetted and police checked delivery staff.

Where do we offer our corporate delivery services in Australia?

This Premium service is available across Australia. We are offering clients, secure collection and delivery of confidential, high value documents and items in all metro regions including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane. 

With these premium courier services, you can be confident that we will collect and deliver your corporate items within 24 hours. For same day delivery to take place, we will need to collect items before 9.00am on the day.

* Please note that this is not an inter-state service and is for collection and delivery within a nominated Australian metro region only.

Secure, confidential, trackable and in safe hands

Our secure contactless and confidential courier delivery services ensure that your important documents/items are collected and delivered to the location of your choosing. We also ensure that your items are never delivered to closed offices or unattended businesses.

Below are some examples of the types of valuable items we collect and deliver:

Legal Documents
Court Papers, Licenses, Passports, Deeds, Mortgages, Patents, Building Leases, Contracts and Permits*
*excludes process serving services
Business Documents
Employee Records, Client Files, Client Lists, Drawings, Blueprints, Accounting Ledgers and Charters.
Medical Records, Books, Films, Manuscripts, Card Index System, Abstracts and Maps.

*Our delivery capacity is subject to State and Federal declarations relating to COVID-19 restrictions

Frequently asked Questions and Answers about our Confidential Courier Services

TIMG will create a unique barcode sequence which our representative we will attach to your document package at the time of collection. This barcode will be scanned at both the collection and delivery locations with both actions signed by the sender and the recipient respectively. By attaching these barcodes to individual files or archive boxes, we will provide  quick and easy identification of items in transit or storage with us via our secure online portal. Our Operations team will set up your access to the portal.

Absolutely. We follow the same process outlined in the question above. Please contact the Operations team on 1300 764 954 to enquire about pricing.

Certainly. We have automated schedules and will simply add your requirements and details to a set rotation.

Firstly, be assured that we closely monitor the situation with Covid-19. To answer your question – yes, we do conduct contact-less delivery work. Our delivery person will  arrive at your premises and alert you that they have arrived and will stand about 2 meters away from you at all times. You will be asked your name, then they will enter it and sign on your behalf (this will show in the tracking information).