St Therese’s School makes a good Information Management decision.

After a review of their document management strategy, St Therese’s School decided to overhaul its Information Management processes and systems. The result has more than delivered.

The Challenge

St Therese’s School in Essendon had for several years, been managing both active and archived files from a variety of locations. The need for a more centralised and user-friendly document management strategy saw the school contact TIMG to discuss a possible solution. After a meeting or two, we were able to better understand how documents were used and stored by the school and were able to propose changes that would streamline processes while adhering to all relevant Department of Education compliance obligations.  

The Solution

It must be said, this was a successful solution roll-out for TIMG Victoria. The main reason being – the client was engaged and open to adopting an innovative solution that addressed the ineffectiveness of a system that no longer met the organisation’s needs. We identified several reasons for change and once agreed upon, we set about moving non-active archived files to secure off-site storage. Once we had onboarded the client, we commenced the conversion of their paper files to an electronic format.  

In consultation with the client, we were able replicate the exact structure of their filing system (including naming convention) into digital form. This process created an easy way to search for documents without manually going through each page. The documents were stored in PDF/A format for a longer life cycle, availability, compatibility, and compliance. This enabled the clients to not have to learn a new filing system, saving them time and money in the migration to their new solution. 

We’ve been informed that a bonus to come out of this engagement has been the transformation of the ‘old document storage room’ into a much-needed new classroom. Good news!

Caroline Roberts

Office Services Manager

The process to move to Digital Storage was seamless and so much easier than I thought it would be! Nil effort on my part!

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