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Wade Hughes, celebrated underwater photographer, mentor and author, was faced with the prospect of sending a package of original historical documents across the country. In his search for a secure and reliable courier service, he came across TIMG and what happened next, surprised him.

The Challenge

Perth based writer, Wade Hughes, was looking for a secure transport service to transport an irreplaceable package of historical documents from the outskirts of Perth to outer metro Sydney. The documents in question, while of no commercial value, comprised a rare historical archive owned by the descendants of one of Australia’s World War II unsung heroes. Wade is assisting the family to develop the archive into a book, to preserve the archive, and also to transform it into a form that is highly readable and easily reproduced so that current and future members of the family can have ready access to an extraordinary chapter of their family’s history.

The need for a guaranteed secure courier service was paramount for Wade and when he explained the details of his request to us, he was at pains to insist that there could be no room for error or loss.

The Solution

As is custom at TIMG, when talking to prospective clients, we listen first and then ask questions. This was indeed the case when Sean Kays (TIMG Regional Manager QLD and WA) started discussing this courier request with Wade. With experience in extremely sensitive in-person transfers of items both nationally and internationally, Sean suggested a digital solution which would drastically reduce risk while delivering the same outcome for Wade.

Having determined the scale and logistics of the job at hand, we collected the package of historical documents from Wade, securely transported them to our Perth document production bureau, scanned and digitised everything (including photographs) and then returned all originals back to Wade.

This job was an altogether pleasure for us! Not for any major financial gain but for the client interaction and endorsement of what do. It is people like Wade who make our jobs worthwhile because not only does he get what we do but he recognises the value of true customer service. We wish Wade all the best with his current project and look forward to assisting him with the next.

Wade Hughes


It’s no secret, but it’s often overlooked by big business: Treat customers the way you’d like to be treated yourself, with genuine and effective customer service, and it makes it a lot easier for companies to be successful, and make money. Everyone that I encountered within TIMG across Australia clearly gets this, despite the drop-in-the-ocean scale of my order.

About Wade Hughes

After a thirty-three year international career, with practical, managerial and leadership experience in the bauxite mining, refining, smelting, and manufacturing industry, Wade now actively contributes in the field of economically sustainable conservation. He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London; Member of the Explorers Club of New York; has earned international recognition for underwater observation and photography of sperm whale behaviour off the Azores, and of coral reef diversity in Indonesia. His fine-art images hang in private collections in Australia, US, UK, Asia, and Europe.


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