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Verification of Identity (VOI) Report Vault

Verification of Identity (VOI) Report Vault

Store Verification of Identity (VOI) documents with secure online storage through TIMG's Report Vault and eliminate your risk. Easy to administer, 24-hour access, complete protection and great value. No breaches. No time lost. No worries!

quote-icon ‘Our internal processes are much more efficient as previously we had one full-time staff member scanning in our files. We spent hours searching through files and boxes in the past. The files were stored on our premises and taking up valuable space. The VOI Report Vault and archiving solution is so easy – everything is barcoded, so we know where everything is and it’s easily retrievable. TIMG have been very supportive of our office, our industry and continually deliver on service.’
Managing Director, Conveyancing Firm

Verification of Identity (VOI) is a hot potato for Businesses

Are you managing and protecting your VOIs?

Law firms, conveyancers, financiers and other agents are required to view and store Verification of Identity documents for any property transaction. Changes to the Federal Privacy Act 2015 have meant a roll out of new VOI requirements to meet the change in responsibility firms now face.

Whether you are holding paper documents or electronic files, under the Privacy Act – the buck stops with you. This is a huge responsibility and potentially a legal nightmare, if through accidental loss or theft, this information falls into the hands of criminals.

At TIMG, we offer secure online storage of VOI documents. TIMG’s VOI App now makes it even easier to collect and archive private information, identity documents or contracts collected on behalf of clients. In one simple step, data can be transferred direct to the TIMG Vault Report without needing to store it on your mobile device. The VOI App is easy and free to download from all Android and iPhone devices.

TIMG VOI App TIMG VOI App download

The App can only be used with the VOI Report Vault which provides a secure and cost-effective means of storing valuable archive data.

To use the VOI Report Vault, just create a VOI episode in the Vault. Upload images or information directly to our secure website and retrieve when needed. You can search and retrieve VOIs online via name, subject matter, file number and even date. Only authorised staff can create or search for VOI episodes, track related files and manage VOI currency. It’s that easy.

Security is guaranteed. VOIs are securely stored off-site on servers in Australia. TIMG’s operations are certified to and/or compliant with the highest Australian and international records management standards.

Eliminate your risk with the VOI App & Report Vault!


Main features and benefits

  • Support 24/7
  • Controlled access to all images and data
  • Centralised storage of VOIs from all sources
  • Easy tracking and management
  • Eliminate risk of privacy breach
  • Secure online hosting
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