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Degaussing & destruction

Degaussing & destruction

Secure and compliant degaussing and destruction of all types of digital media.

Degaussing and Digital Destruction Services

Degaussing is the process of minimising or removing the magnetic field around a device for the purposes of clearing data. As data is stored in magnetic medias such as hard drives, degaussing allows for that information to be irretrievably removed, either to destroy documents or to clear up space for new documents to be saved onto the devices.

The Information Management Group (TIMG) can tailor a solution to ensure your sensitive digital information is securely degaussed and destroyed, without the items leaving your site and your control. We can arrange for our teams to come to sites and offices across Canberra and across Australia to perform degaussing and digital destruction.

We ensure your policies are compliant with relevant state, federal, financial and healthcare regulations, mandates and security guidelines.

What We Do

Using the latest equipment compliant to NSA & DoD standards, TIMG can create a process that’s quick, efficient, safe and effective, enabling a complete and transparent end-to-end solution for your company’s most important asset – your data.

Media Formats

We can degauss and destroy all common media types simultaneously:

  • LTO, DLT, Super DLT
  • Hard Drives
  • 4mm, DDS
  • AIT
  • And many more
TIMG Compliance

TIMG is compliant with the highest Australian and international standards including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO27001 and PCIDSS. Click Here for our complete list of Accreditations.

Canberra Chooses TIMG

If you require digital destruction of medias, contact TIMG. We operate across Canberra and beyond, providing superior and professional service.

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