Complete archiving

Complete archiving

Work-life changing archive solutions to free up your valuable space and resources. Our secure and reliable business support service will transform your most tedious archiving tasks allowing you to focus on your clients and eliminating time-consuming tasks.

Outsourced archive storage services

When it comes to archiving, we recognise document storage is only part of the problem – and so storage is also only part of the solution.

Our experience is that many organisations don’t have the systems, space, availability or continuity of staff to fully and accurately manage archives over the long term. It makes archiving and file retrieval frequently problematic and an ongoing source of error, frustration and inefficiency.

Rather than simply provide storage, our services address the source of the errors by performing some or all aspects of the archiving process. This includes packing and cataloguing, barcoding and indexing files, and scanning all or selected documents. It is the combination of these services that truly ensures comprehensive archiving solutions for your business.

A range of archiving services

We provide services for organisations of all sizes and types, but have a particular focus on, and provide services tailored to the needs of, file intensive businesses including:

We offer an entirely outsourced and scheduled or on-demand archive culling, packing, barcoding and indexing service performed by our experienced and specially trained staff.

You can choose to perform as much or as little of the archiving as your resources and priorities allow. Our service is designed to ensure that whatever your archiving needs may be, TIMG is your ideal business partner.

Archiving services for all over Australia

Our diverse range or archiving services, in addition to a range of other useful services, are available for businesses all over Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane. So, no matter where your business may be, enquire today to allow us to safeguard all of your important documents. It’s never too late to futureproof your business!

Here’s what our clients are saying about our archiving services:

“I’ve been in private practice for 30 years. Your service is the best thing I’ve done.”
Law firm

“Your services freed our staff, resulting in savings in both time and money.”

Law firm

“The service we get from TIMG is better than we get from any other company. And I don’t just mean storage companies – your service is better than any other company we deal with.”

Finance company

“We had been using the service of a storage company for many years. The move to TIMG was smooth and we could immediately feel the difference.”

Healthcare organisation

If you’re looking to improve the reliability and efficiency of your archiving processes, please contact us to arrange a no-obligation review.

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