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Online Cloud Storage Solutions

The cloud was a concept many Australians once approached with trepidation, but now we have a better understanding of issues and services around cloud storage, capacity and access. For businesses across Canberra and beyond who rely on online systems to keep valuable data secure, TIMG recommends investing in cloud storage. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of cloud storage, speak to a TIMG team member and discover how it can free up space on your physical network – whilst also offering secure solutions for confidential data.

What is Cloud Storage?

Many Australians are still unfamiliar with what cloud storage means. Ultimately, it is a way of storing data so that it doesn’t take up valuable space on the limited IT infrastructure you have in-house. It is typically sent to a larger capacity backup infrastructure that is in a separate physical location, but can be accessed from select devices via the internet. A cloud provider – such as TIMG – maintains the integrity of this data and protects it from external threats. In order to protect your data, your information is protected by layers of security and more importantly, is stored onshore, in Australia.

Your online data exists on dedicated servers managed by us, with secure online access for you to safely and easily engage with your information.

Discover Why Australian Businesses Choose Online Storage Solutions

Do you want to learn more about how online cloud backupcan increase the media storage capabilities of your business? Then get in touch with TIMG. With offices across Australia – including Melbourne, Sydney, Hobart, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra and Perth – we can help you find the storage solutions you need. For more information about online cloud storage, speak to our team of experts at TIMG.

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