Medical Records – Offsite Storage

CASE STUDY: Medical Records – Offsite Storage.
A Private Hospital with an Emergency Department and over 300 beds needed a secure offsite storage provider for their medical records. Read more…


Medical Records – Offsite Storage

A Private Hospital with an Emergency Department and over 300 beds needed a secure offsite storage provider for their medical records.

Project Details

As is the case for many hospitals with busy clinics and emergency departments, storing medical records offsite offers secure, space-saving options. Finding a reliable and accredited service provider is therefore critical to successfully managing, collecting and retrieving their medical files and records.

TIMG successfully and efficiently remedied the burden of onsite storage for this hospital by understanding exactly what they needed.

“All staff at TIMG are friendly and knowledgeable, queries are addressed really quickly and communication is of a really high standard.”

Health Information Manager


Prior to receiving solutions from TIMG, the hospital was self-storing their medical records onsite. As such, they were not meeting adequate security and confidentiality requirements that a busy hospital with an emergency department needs. The hospital also faced challenges of securely and effectively transporting existing records to TIMG’s facilities. There was also the issue of poor security protocols for handling sensitive medical records and patient files. They needed to find a Secure Medical Records Offsite Storage provider to meet these requirements.


To counter these challenges, we successfully transitioned the hospital’s records from their location to our secure and accredited storage facility whilst maintaining high levels of communication and oversight throughout the process.

The key to our success lies in our dedication to great customer service and a commitment to our clients’ needs. In the words of the hospital’s Health Information Manager (HIM):

“At all times, TIMG have remained efficient and punctual. Communication has been of a high standard, and we are able to contact TIMG at any time. TIMG were extremely helpful with the initial set up and training of staff. In my own personal experiences with other offsite storage providers TIMG is a far more professional and accurate service provider.”

We also introduced our in-house software, Coalesce™, to the hospital, who had not previously experienced the convenience of being able to track the status of their records’ location in real-time. The hospital was then able to request files and archive boxes with the simple click of a button as well as easily notate and select files due for destruction.

“Prior to Coalesce™ we did not use a software program for offsite storage; this is the first time that we have moved to offsite storage. The Coalesce™ program is simple to use and there haven’t been any problems with the use of the software at our site.”


The hospital now has peace of mind in knowing their sensitive patient records are stored off-site at a secure, accredited location, with the convenience of requesting and tracking files at their fingertips. The hospital no longer has to worry about the risks of storing documents at their own location (which also frees up office space).

Their HIM outlines the benefits of our solutions as:

“The fact that the shelving is open, the records aren’t kept in boxes, and therefore the whole box isn’t returned each time a record is requested, means that it is a more accurate service than offered by other providers. Also the quality standards of TIMG appealed to us, with the checking of all locations on a regular basis. The benefit in the future will be that the archive room can be emptied and made available for alternative uses, while the records are available to recall if and when required, with the knowledge that they are being safely and accurately stored offsite.”

The HIM went on to say:

“In my own personal experience TIMG has been far more professional and offer a better-quality experience than I have had in the past with other service providers. All staff at TIMG are friendly and knowledgeable, queries are addressed quickly, and communication is of a really high standard. We have been so impressed with a TIMG delivery staff member, that we have contacted management of TIMG to acknowledge the level of service he provides. The records are delivered on time each day, and emergency records are scanned if required.”

“I would be more than happy to refer TIMG to other companies looking at offsite storage; the transition of moving our records to TIMG has been trouble free, and all staff have been very helpful in making this major project a success. I am also happy to state that we have not experienced any problems with missing records when we recall, and that is extremely comforting for ongoing patient care.”

Health Information Manager

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