Archive storage solution for Janus International Australia

After a few years of inconsistent activity around their document archive storage, Janus International approached TIMG in search of a lasting document management solution. We collected, catalogued, re-boxed, barcoded and securely stored all their sensitive archive documents.

Janus International approached TIMG in search of a lasting document management solution.

The Challenge

With two commercial storage units packed full of document archive boxes and a fair number of archive boxes stored onsite at their warehouse, the management team at Janus International Australia realised that they needed to fix their document storage arrangements. Over the past few years, staff changes left the business with an inconsistent and poorly maintained archive register that needed a full audit. To compound matters, the company had relocated premises, resulting in further chaos around the locations and general day-to-day management of their documents.

The whole process became unmanageable, the register was not current, and administrative staff didn’t have a dedicated resource to help sort out which records could be destroyed. Essentially, they had little to no idea what each box had in it, making things very challenging for the business more broadly.

The Solution

Office manager, Natasha Johnson, enquired through the TIMG website, outlining what the Janus International Australia situation was and requested monthly storage rates and, in addition, asked what TIMG could provide by way of a proper document storage solution.

Dean Siviter, TIMG Account Support Manager, Queensland, contacted Natasha to learn more about their archive storage setup and explained to her precisely what TIMG could provide through support and assistance. Dean followed up his initial conversation with Natasha with a visit to their site and, shortly after this, arranged for all of the offsite archive boxes to be collected, catalogued and re-boxed if required. Once barcoded, the boxes were securely stored in the TIMG Brisbane facility.

By engaging TIMG, Janus International could immediately cancel its empty storage unit contract, free up space in its warehouse, and receive a complete inventory of all its offsite boxes in storage. It was a swift process, and importantly, Janus International now has a fully compliant and secure document storage solution.

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Natasha Johnson Janus International

Natasha Johnson

Office Manager, Janus International Australia

“TIMG helped sort out and manage our archiving mess, and we now have a solution fit for our business.”

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