Digital Mailroom solution for Huxley Corporate and their charitable foundation, Sunrise Foundation.

Huxley Corporate contacted TIMG in search of a Digital Mailroom solution that could meet the demanding needs of a fast-moving modern business ecosystem.

Huxley Corporate find a robust Digital Mailroom Solution.

The Challenge

Huxley Corporate realised they needed a Digital Mailroom to manage the dynamic landscape of business transactions. A leading specialty advisory consultancy, led by founder Greg Huxley, they faced a real challenge to streamline their expanding operations. With over four decades of providing invaluable insights to clients, they recognised the needed to revamp their mailroom processes to accommodate recent growth.

Security concerns were paramount for Huxley Corporate, particularly when handling confidential client information. Negotiating on security was not an option. Thus, the search for a reliable and accredited service provider capable of collecting, scanning, and digitising mail within a robust security framework was a top priority.

The Solution

TIMG Digital Mailroom for Huxley Corporate

Enter TIMG, a trusted name in digital solutions with a proven track record in Digital Mailroom management. Following a thorough consultation with the Huxley Corporate team, TIMG secured the Digital Mailroom contract. The decision was fuelled by TIMG’s extensive experience in mailroom operations and its unwavering commitment to security standards.

Notably, TIMG’s flexibility in managing the scale and volume of mailroom activities played a pivotal role in clinching the deal. In addition to digitising mail, TIMG has assumed broader responsibilities for Huxley Corporate, including handling cheque deposits and ensuring the secure transport and storage of all mail at the TIMG state-of-the-art storage facility.

In essence, by choosing TIMG as their digital transformation partner, Huxley Corporate has not only implemented a consistent and reliable Digital Mailroom solution, but has also unlocked a newfound efficiency. This strategic move has freed up Huxley Corporate’s staff, allowing them to redirect their focus towards more crucial tasks, confident in the security and professionalism offered by their chosen service provider.

As businesses navigate the digital era, the necessity for a dependable partner that delivers on both digital improvement and security becomes paramount. TIMG stands as a testament to this need, seamlessly integrating digital solutions to enhance operational efficiency and fortify the security of confidential information.

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TIMG - Huxley Corporate success story for Digital Mailroom solutions Australia-wide.

Marie Barclay

Executive Manager , Huxley Corporate

“TIMG are highly responsive, and I feel confident our information is handled with the utmost security.”

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