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Innovation in a world that is constantly changing is imperative to remain an industry leader. Whether you work in the legal, medical, hospitality or retail field the principles are the same; innovation in every area…

Innovation in a world that is constantly changing is imperative to remain an industry leader. Whether you work in the legal, medical, hospitality or retail field the principles are the same; innovation in every area of business is important to keep you ahead of your competitors. Paying close attention to your systems, processes and customer experience can seem daunting, but is essential for a smooth and fine-tuned business machine.

Many TIMG clients initially approach us with the same concerns. They are time-poor, resource-poor and overwhelmed by both the amount of administration, as well as the pressures to adhere to their legal requirements. It doesn’t have to be so daunting. Partnering with a team of professionals who specialise in the areas that can become overwhelming will always be a positive business decision; allowing you to concentrate on the areas of your business that need you the most.

So, where do we start? Often, it’s the simplest initiatives that can harness the best results. Below we share a few TIMG solutions that are the most popular with our clients and provide quick results thanks to innovative thinking and perfected business solutions.

Data Storage

Data storage (or lack of) is one of our most common enquiries. With the need to safely and securely save data and documentation for lengthy periods of time, space can quickly become an issue, even for the largest of companies. Gaining control of your paper trail with user-friendly storage solutions couldn’t be easier. We can provide secure and efficient off-site storage solutions for your physical files and document boxes. Matched with our advanced yet user-friendly software, you can access your complete inventory online to easily catalogue, retrieve, digitise and destroy your documents on demand.

Backup media storage

Have peace of mind knowing your valuable backup media is securely stored in a strictly monitored and controlled environment with easy access to your media on demand. We’ll even take care of data restores, data conversions, degaussing and destruction when you need it. We offer secure storage and transportation for all types of backup media.

We treat every single media item in our care exactly as if it carried our own critical data. That’s why the secure storage and transport of your media is so important to us.


eDiscovery is the buzz word of the moment in the tech and data management space. Designed to streamline data searching and sharing in a comprehensive and cost-effective way, eDiscovery is a legal and IT teams’ best friend. eDiscovery, or electronic discovery is a process in which electronic data is identified, collected, processed and produced with the intent of using it as evidence.

Our end-to-end eDiscovery solution supports corporate IT and legal teams throughout their discovery process from collection to review to production. Our solutions and software are designed specifically according to Australian guidelines for your peace of mind.

Partnering with specialists as your outsourced document management solution is a fantastic way to innovate in your business. Reduce your workload, alleviate your resources and redirect your team’s attention to the avenues that provide a fantastic customer experience and grow your business.

Filing and Storage

A good filing system increases productivity by enabling quick, easy access to any information needed, using the least amount of space possible. We offer a tailored solution to use your office space effectively and suit your staff.

We also have a vast range of filing solutions to suit your business and ensure filing is no longer on your list of concerns. These include:

  • A wide variety of quality files in all shapes, colours and sizes
  • Tube-clips, Easi-clips, and Spring-clips – available separately or pre-fitted
  • Custom-made files with company name and logo
  • Alpha, Numerical and Year Labels
  • Comprehensive filing solutions at competitive prices
  • FREE next-day delivery around the metro area*

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