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Filing and Storage

Filing and Storage

We make things easy to file so you'll find them easily!



Global Filing Solutions is now part of TIMG’s complete range of services. Please contact our Filing and Storage Team for an affordable, tailored solution. 


Is managing your filing, space & time-consuming?

TIMG takes the stress out of filing. A good filing system increases productivity by enabling quick, easy access to any information needed, using the least amount of space possible. We offer a tailored solution to use your office space effectively and suit your particular staff.



At TIMG, we offer an extensive range of filing products:

  • A huge variety of quality files in all shapes, colours and sizes
  • Tube-clips, Easi-clips, and Spring-clips – available separately or pre-fitted
  • Custom-made files with company name and logo
  • Alpha, Numerical and Year Labels
  • Comprehensive filing solutions at competitive prices
  • FREE next-day delivery around the metro area*



View the range of TIMG Filing & Storage solutions here.

Note, you will be directed away from this page to our website: www.dabware.com.au



We provide on-site services where we will come to you and set up your system.  Whether it be the installation of a new storage unit or moving the information from your old system into your new one, we can do it for you.


We provide off-site services where we can help you with your filing. We can make up labels, set up the colour-coding on your files or undertake whatever you require, to help lighten your filing load.

One-off Conversion

With a one-off conversion, we will set up your new system for you by converting the information from your existing filing system into your new system, saving you time and stress. We can also set up new archiving systems and transfer the necessary information into them.

Regular/ Semi-Regular Basis

We can come to your organisation on a regular or semi-regular basis and complete any required filing for you.

Electronic Document Management Consulting

We provide consulting where one of our sales representatives will come to you. Some of the consulting we conduct includes system audits, classification system audits, storage audits, training and naming conventions.

Relocation Services

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Records are the critical part of a business and the need to move and maintain them intact and in order is paramount. Removing your staff from their daily tasks to plan and implement this move can be stressful for them and unproductive for the organisation. Relocation can be the perfect opportunity to assess how your information has been managed in the past and consider what options are available to improve the processes with particular reference to new premises. We can provide the expertise and resources to handle this for you and so free your staff to continue with their day-to-day tasks.

Pack and Move

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Global Filing Solutions offers clients who are relocating a service to pack and move their entire Filing System including compactus and storage units/cabinets.

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