Object Storage
Secure, scalable S3 compatible storage


Single site: $0.02 / GB   |   Retrieval fee: $0.08 / GB

TIMG Object Storage is for archival data that is typically accessed less frequently. We offer a low per GB storage price and a per GB retrieval fee.

Our low price point makes TIMG Object Storage ideal for long-term storage, backups, and as a data store for disaster recovery.

“Because TIMG helped me determine my archive/storage strategy, I was able to better understand the overall cost of my solution. It pays to consult with a savvy partner”

Dave – IT Infrastructure Manager SFX Production Company

Affordable online archive storage


Enterprise class Ceph Object Storage for bulk S3 data. Specifically designed for long term, mid performance, archival storage.


Connect via shared Internet connection, (limited to 100mbps). Or, Interconnect directly via one of our supported Interconnect Data Centres (Sydney and Auckland) at 1gbps.

Data Security

For a small additional fee, your TIMG Object Storage data can be automatically distributed across a minimum of two of our Data Centres. All data is kept within the country of origin.

Features Support

TIMG S3 Object Storage provides object storage functionality with an interface that is compatible with a large subset of the Amazon S3 RESTful API.
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Access through major backup and storage compatible vendors

  • Commvault
  • Veritas
  • Quest
  • Hycu
  • StorageCraft
  • Veeam
  • DellEMC
Our major backup and storage  compatible vendors

Object Storage Availability Options

option 1

Single-site storage

  • $0.02 per GB
  • No upload charges
  • TIMG standard storage
  • $0.08 per GB downloaded or connectivity option available
  • Data stored at one site
  • N+2 storage redundancy
  • N+1 network redundancy
Option 2

Multi-site storage

  • $0.05 per GB
  • No upload charges
  • No download charges
  • Data stored at two sites
  • N+2 storage redundancy at each site
  • N+1 network redundancy
Certification and Compliance for Object Storage

Certification and Compliance

TIMG manages sensitive records for both Corporate and Government clients, who by default, demand the highest level of information security compliance and governance.

TIMG’s operations are certified and are compliant with the highest Australian and International Information Management standards.

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Questions and Answers

Some frequently asked questions about our storage solutions

When documents are hosted on TIMG servers, they are stored in such a way that only authorised personnel have access to them. When they are downloaded over the internet for access, it is over an encrypted channel – meaning no one else can intercept your data. This makes transmission of documents far more secure than email.

Backups are sent over the internet using 128-bit Secure Socket Layer technology, so any intercepted data cannot be read by anyone except the recipient. SSL adds another layer of security to your already very secure backups.

TIMG’s eFile solution provides an excellent way to organise your electronic files. They can be categorised with extensive metadata to allow for easy location and access. This resolves the issues around maintaining a complex file/folder structure across a number of servers.