Become litigation-ready with LitReview, powered by Nuix

Minimise the cost and time of discovery with our
comprehensive eDiscovery solutions.

Search and share large data volumes quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

The LitReview Engine powered by Nuix, transforms data into searchable text and metadata at massive scale and speed. It provides insights into a breadth and depth of data that no other technology can match.

LitReview, powered by Nuix

LitReview, powered by Nuix

With all the benefits you would expect to manage the complexity and scope of today’s global electronic discovery.  The difference with our offering is simple – our pricing is competitive, coupled with a world-class litigation support team to ensure you get the best use out of the technology.

Become litigation-ready with LitReview, powered by Nuix

Become litigation-ready with
LitReview, powered by Nuix

Hire a team of eDiscovery experts, with the most up-to-date systems, templates and technology, for processing, reviewing and hosting electronic documents. Our team of technical specialists spend their days processing hundreds of gigabytes to help you see the trees, not the forest. Whether you’re an expert or you have no idea where to start, we will help you find what you’re looking for and turn what may at first seem like a daunting task into a simple and cost-effective process.

TIMG’s eDiscovery end-to-end, managed solution includes:

Information collection and processing

Even with today’s industry shift to digital, there remains a substantial volume of hard copy documents used as evidence. TIMG provides services that digitise both hard copy documents and electronically stored information (ESI) stored on computers and other digital storage devices.


Technology and hosting costs must be proportionate to the legal costs incurred on a matter, productivity gained and overall cost savings when compared to traditional discovery practices. Our team helps you find the right fit for your unique requirements.

Information review

Document review, is arguably one of the most costly aspects of the eDiscovery process. There are a few stages of review and whether done in-house or by a third party provider, review is considered to be the most important step before commencement of production. With our partner Nuix, we are able to provide clients with scalable options that cover the inherently complex review process.


TIMG consultants are available on an ‘as-needed’ basis or integrated within your litigation team. Our industry-leading expertise assists with everything from negotiating and drafting of exchange protocols, matter management and technology, to strategy and advice in relation to reviewing documents. TIMG consultants design, implement and manage solutions that are geared towards achieving the best results for our clients.


We can prepare your data for multiple forms of output. Be it for litigation exports, discovery or disclosure, hyperlinked indexes, data conversion, or internal investigations – TIMG has you covered.

eDiscovery Solutions for Business

eDiscovery Solutions for Business

Business data resides in a complex web of processes, handoffs, analysis and projects that naturally cause inefficiency and confusion if not properly managed.

Our data discovery solutions can assist with your:

  • Corporate Audits
  • Trial Preparation
  • Acquisitions and Mergers
  • Royal Commissions
  • Data Mining
  • Information Governance
  • Accounting

Meet our eDiscovery Consultants

TIMG National eDiscovery Consultant

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National eDiscovery Consultant
TIMG National eDiscovery Manager

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National eDiscovery Manager

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eDiscovery Consultant

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