Four essential services necessary when working remotely

At TIMG, we have enacted our Business Continuity Plan…

At TIMG, we have enacted our Business Continuity Plan and are ready to help you with yours!

With the current disruption to our work environments, a lot of us are now having to work from home or from remote locations. We understand that these are challenging times especially if you require instant access to backups, document files, stored boxes or need to print documents and deliver these to remote locations

When working remotely, apart from having access to phone and internet connections, there are other essentials that you will need to consider. We’ve listed four essential services necessary when working remotely.

1- Laptop Backup

TIMG offers reliable, automated backups of files, folders, databases, email and more, on your workstation or laptop. We are offering our customers FREE laptop backups for 2 months.

  • Simple Backups – for Microsoft Office 365 Mailboxes, SharePoint, and OneDrive. Cloud-to-cloud (Direct from Microsoft to TIMG)
  • Simple Recovery – Reliable, granular restore in a few simple clicks.
  • 24/7 Onshore Support – from our Australia-wide support team.
  • Secure Daily Backups – Receive daily status reports with flexible export options.

To Claim your free 2 months please email: [email protected]

2- Scan-on-Demand

If you need to access information or data from your physical files and boxes stored with us, we can scan documents for you and return a digital copy, securely!

We have a scan-on-demand service that will see your documents scanned and made available to you via our secure online portal.  Talk to your local Operations Team to find out how we can assist.

3- Logistics & delivery to remote locations

If you need access to your physical documents or boxes stored with us, we can deliver them to you!

We can collect, scan, print and deliver your documents within any metro region in Australia.

  1. Contact your local Operations Team
  2. Tell us what you need done
  3. Where it needs to go
  4. Who needs to receive it

and we’ll do the rest.

4- 24/7 Document Production Service

If you still need documents printed and delivered, we can help! We can deliver/collect/scan and print your documents with a ‘business as normal’ approach. We will collect and deliver these items with our own fleet of vehicles to most places securely and quickly.

Our offers include but not limited to:
  • Photocopying and Document Reproduction 
  • Legal and Court Copying 
  • Presentation and proposal documents
  • Environmental impact statements
  • Tender documents and reports
  • Prospectus documents
  • Feasibility study documents
  • Marketing collateral, booklets, brochures and annual reports
  • Business cards, stationery and calendars
  • Binding services
  • Mail services

*Our delivery capacity is subject to State and Federal declarations relating to COVID-19 restrictions


The WORLD HEALTH ORGANISATION has officially classified COVID-19, a Pandemic. As the Corona Virus continues to disrupt our daily lives and our work lives, TIMG wants to reassure you that as a business, we have…

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