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01 March 2016

Electronically Stored Information (ESI) refers to all the information stored on computers and other digital storage services.

ESI in the form of electronic documents, e-mail, voicemail, instant and text messages, databases, digital images, multimedia files and file metadata is increasingly relied upon as evidence.

The advances in computer technology have made it easy for individuals and businesses to produce large volumes of ESI and the means to duplicate and store it on various devices. Lawyers are challenged to trawl through large volumes of ESI in order to find relevant information for their case. LitSupport’s eDiscovery platform brings large volumes of ESI under control quickly, accurately and cost-effectively.

Using a combination of proven industry standard technology and in-house software applications, we extract metadata and process electronic files in native or image format. Our systems can identify and process 4,000 file types and hundreds of metadata fields. We also have onsite software developers who can script custom applications to deal with non-standard processing requirements.

Our ESI processing services:

  • Early Case Assessment (ECA)
  • Extracting documents to native format and rendered images (TIFF/PDF)
  • Extracting documents for print
  • Post processing: document conversion, document stamping, OCR etc.
  • Technical support
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