Digitisation: A way of the future

Have you ever been in a situation where you need to go through thousands of documents to find just one single page? Experience a new world of business efficiency and innovation with our end-to-end document management and digitisation solutions.

Have you ever been in a situation where you’ve needed to sort through thousands of documents to find just one page?

Whether you’re a Federal Government Department, a conveyancing firm or a medical facility, the above scenario has been commonplace for far too many. This is mainly because data and hardcopy documents constantly require proper management which can prove to be tricky for those without a robust information management plan.

Document digitisation can deliver really important and transformational outcomes for any business looking to improve processes and systems. To break down the process, it’s best to start with differentiating between digitisation and digitalisation. You may have heard both terms before, so let’s get to the crux of it.


Going from the physical to the electronic form.


The transformation of business process using digitisation.

“Simply put, digitalisation is the way of the future and digitisation is the way to do it.”

Justin Holt

To demonstrate this further we will look at how the experts convert your existing information, in its many formats, into manageable, searchable data.

Converting a Physical Filing System into Electronic Format

A client in the public sector had a number of reasons for converting their paper files to an electronic format. This included saving space, easing accessibility, retaining data integrity, as well as streamlining their legacy document archiving process.

Documents within the organisation were only available as folders stored in a physical location. This made it difficult for stakeholders to access and required substantial storage space.

TIMG was asked to provide a digitisation solution to improve accessibility and ease navigation of these documents, while still retaining the original filing structure.

Enter TIMG…

TIMG replicated the exact structure of the client’s filing system into digital form, by using innovative folder structures and bookmarking.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) was then applied to the documents. This process created an easy way to search the documents without manually going through each page.  The documents were also stored in PDF/A format for a longer life cycle, availability and compatibility.

The digital format developed by TIMG mirrored the organisation’s original storage structure. In turn, the clients did not have to learn a new filing system, and as such, had no trouble adapting to the new solution.

Businesses that are always looking to improve their processes and systems will understand the value of digital solutions that minimise unpredictability and boost productivity and agility.

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