The DCS finds a reliable supplier

With a steady increase, year on year, of new files – DCS were looking for a file cover product that would meet their data capture requirements while also ensuring file longevity.

The Challenge

The unassuming file cover can be a powerful tool in the management of client information. The Records Management Unit at the South Australian Department for Correctional Services, had for a long-time, managed client files that were in a constant state of degradation. This problem was the result of poor-quality material and the fact that the file size was not standard and therefore did not fit the standard document archive box dimensions. Dogeared and torn file covers were no longer acceptable and could not be ignored.

Linda, team leader of the Records Management Unit at the DCS, reached out to TIMG to explore options around the provision of a high-quality durable file cover that was easy to store and could be customised with the required data fields offering relevant client data at a glance.

The Solution

The successful implementation of any Information Management solution, relies on the full understanding of what a client needs. Our team in South Australia, worked closely with Linda to better understand their document filing and storage processes.

We put together a few sample file covers to share with Linda and not long after, we had a confirmed design layout and went into production. We were able to provide DCS with a sturdy cover that met their data capture requirements and continue to supply them with regular stock for their file covers. The beauty of this simple data management solution is that it is all about the client’s current processes and requirements. This has allowed us to understand what they need at present and with continued dialogue, we stand ready to assist them as they develop and recalibrate their data management journey.


Custom File Solution

Linda N

Team Leader, Records Management Unit – Knowledge & Information Systems

Having TIMG as a supplier makes getting all my filing needs sorted seamlessly. From management and sales reps through to the delivery crew, the entire TIMG team are professional. It is obvious TIMG is a company that prides itself on fastidious customer service and service delivery. If you have a critical incident they come through every time.

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