With the release of Nuix Discover 10.11 comes some great new updates.

Nuix Discover Version 10.11 comes with three new key features including, Bulk Annotation, Keyword Summaries and People Identities. Read below for more information . . .

Version 10.11 of Nuix Discover will continue delivering enhanced eDiscovery review, visual analytics and artificial intelligence to help you better manage evidence at scale and with the release of Version 10.11, you will be able to streamline your evidence management more efficiently than ever before.

Below is a summarised version of what you can expect with the latest updates to Nuix Discover, Version 10.11.

1 – Bulk Annotations

Users can now apply redactions and highlights in bulk across a selected document set, using either keywords, Boolean searches or Search Term Families.

2 – Keyword Summary

This feature allows you to review Search Term Family hits in the Content views of a document more efficiently by collapsing content around the highlighted words or phrases.

3 – People Identities

This feature will allow you to normalise the various ways in which names and email addresses are displayed so that they refer to a single person or “identity”. This can be very useful if a person has multiple email addresses, multiple ways their name appears (e.g. with and without middle initials), or different instant messaging or social media handles.

Bug Fix

This fix will allow Team Leaders to create and code documents to binders via the Conditional Coding Pane. This fix rectifies the known issue in version 10.4 which restricted binder creation to Case Admins. All users with the Team Leader role will now have the ability to create and update binders.

Stay tuned for more information in the coming weeks, including webinars and product demonstrations showing these Nuix Discover V10.11 features in action.

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