Why Online Data Management is the Latest Work Game Changer

Most of us have mixed feelings about the way things were before the big technology boom. It was a simpler time. Yet…so inefficient! Employees took their time faxing documents instead of the current ‘scan and…

Most of us have mixed feelings about the way things were before the big technology boom. It was a simpler time. Yet…so inefficient! Employees took their time faxing documents instead of the current ‘scan and send’. They saved documents on a floppy disk with hardly any memory. You might remember the struggle in managing clunky machines with out-of-date operating systems. Not to mention the attempts in organising out-of-control filing systems. Our society has been happy, eager even, to say sayonara to these unnecessary challenges.

Fast forward to 2016, and we have a lot to be thankful for as professionals. With modern technology, a thorough streamline of online document storage makes access faster. And our information is more secure than ever.

Data management software is the next big thing in technological advancement for businesses. It helps you get rid of bulky, costly storage and considerably improves workflow (more on that later).

As times have changed, so have our needs. Employees are now much more mobile, with roles varying case by case. It is advantageous for companies to understand how each role can be best accommodated. It should not surprise you to learn that “61% of professionals would switch jobs for less paperwork” and that “83% feel their success and ability to be productive at work are slowed down by outdated ways of working with documents“.

Many online data storage and syncing services are available to make your life a lot easier.

Here we will explain how online document storage will change the game for your organisation.

Access information whenever you want, wherever you like

Is it ever a smooth sail searching for documents manually filed by someone else? An electronic system saves time by allowing you to set multiple search criteria.

With online document storage, you can easily create, share, and trace files. Link spreadsheets, Word documents, PDFs, images, audio, and more in one system. Share and collaborate with your employees, clients, and suppliers.

Storing documents online will simplify access to information.

Manage how your team uses and shares data

Have complete visibility on access. You can have total control over the amount of information you want to share with anyone. Built-in security helps you rest a little easier, knowing unauthorised access is virtually impossible.

You choose who accesses your data and assign access roles on the go. No one can access your system unless they have your permission. You can even categorise certain document types to have varying degrees of protection. The world is your oyster!

A proper online solution protects your confidential data from potential theft. You can access your documents online. There you can easily browse, retrieve, and destroy your documents on demand.

Control the paper trail

Online document storage software can also have the useful option of workflow management. You create rules and steps for employees to follow. Each document is a step within a larger process. Those steps can be traced and streamlined using the rules created.

Rules can include automatic alerts for the next employee along the path. As you can imagine, this applies to any and every process-oriented department; accounts payable or HR, for example. Give your team easy access to information they need, and they will work smoother and smarter. See how it works for an accounting team here:


Keep your documents secure and compliant

While online storage is undoubtedly more convenient for access, there are still certain legal standards each industry has to maintain. The perks of storage via online software (as opposed to a free cloud service, like Dropbox) is the capability to address legal requirements and security policies to further protect confidential information and documents.

Say goodbye to conventional & costly data entry

If a small business pays someone to do data entry of documents with a predictable layout for two hours a week, PaperLite can save them money. Instead of time-consuming data entry, you can choose to collect your data using email polling, scanning, bulk import (JSON file), or drag and drop.

A ground-breaking option to aide data entry is Optical Character Recognition (OCR), which converts printed text into digital text. OCR provides excellent assurance with a 99.9% accuracy! To trial the OCR process, most of our clients enjoy using our Quality Assurance to test for data accuracy and scan quality for a month or two.   Once they are happy with the quality they proceed as usual.   Find out more about the quality of your documents stored online.

TIMG’s Online Document Storage Solution is amazingly customisable. Because every human and business and industry are unique, your solution should reflect what works best for you. Whatever rules or needs a company has, we can make it happen. Our tailored solution is called PaperLite, not paperless. Because you can’t go completely paperless, but you can significantly reduce it.

TIMG’s Online Document Storage Solution is one of the most versatile and flexible storage solutions available. Contact us today for a free consultation on how workflow and document storage can be tailored for your organisation.