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Watch our videos to learn more about the future of work today, through people who understand and products that solve.

TIMG - What We Do

TIMG offer a range of services for any information management need - complete archiving, secure backups, streamlined workflows and more! We listen to you. Our tailored approach helps you work in a more organised, efficient and secure environment.

TIMG - Our Brand Journey

Fun, engaging, colourful and refreshing...

... are just some of the words that describe our people, our business and our new brand.

Our aim was to simplify our service offering and provide better support to you; and communicate our culture through the colour of brand, and our people through character and spirit.

We are still the same people only better!

TIMG Life of an Invoice - Data Solutions

Get organised with the top data management solutions. Whether it's a supplier invoice, an old brochure or any other document, we've all experienced mismanaged documents. TIMG can help simplify your business processes to provide the quality organisation that your data deserves.

Learn more about how TIMG can streamline any predictable business process, timg.wpengine.com/service/complete-archiving/.

TIMG - Information Security with a personal touch

TIMG is a trustworthy and innovative company that helps businesses manage, integrate and access their information easily and securely, by making it a priority to understand their customers' businesses.

TIMG is plugged into their needs and offers a personal touch to make work life easier.

Our People - What Makes the TIMG Team Successful

How does TIMG achieve the highest customer satisfaction ratings in the industry? Our people.

Find out how we do what we do...and what makes an employee successful at TIMG.

TIMG – Meet our clients and hear their stories

TIMG provide a range of solutions that help your business operate more efficiently. Secure and reliable, our complete archiving and document management services allow you to focus on the areas of your business that need you the most.

Hear how TIMG helped Janet Hryb from LJ Hooker Settlements achieved organisation for her team.
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