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We help our clients to leverage the latest and greatest that eDiscovery software has to offer.

Over time, the use of technology has become so ingrained in our daily lives, that we tend to take our digital reality for granted. From the invention of the wheel through to the introduction of the Internet, we’ve come to expect a streamlined and sophisticated world that has, at its core, high performance, availability, and immediacy.

With advances in technology offering increasing integration and streamlining of otherwise manual tasks, we are seeing huge improvements in efficiencies. The legal industry is no exception to this, with firms opting to automate otherwise tedious and labour-intensive tasks.

Discovery, in the practice of law, remains one of the most important and time-consuming tasks that lawyers undertake requiring abundant resources to plough through ever increasing amounts of data. Lawyers also have the added pressure of constantly needing to constrain costs and work to extremely tight deadlines. Smart Discovery practices and technology can transform the traditional “war room” of archive boxes and mountains of paper to a single ‘intelligent’ platform. At TIMG, our eDiscovery team works with clients to leverage the well-established process of document scanning and text recognition software and combine this with the dark arts of data analytics to get ahead of the game.

So what are the benefits of engaging a professional Discovery team?

eDiscovery professionals bring with them a wealth of experience, and can leverage the most up-to-date systems, and technology, for end-to-end management of electronic documents. Our team of eDiscovery consultants and technical specialists will handle the structure and processing of hundreds of gigabytes of data enabling you to see the trees, not the forest. Whether you’re an expert or you have no idea where to start, we will help you find what you’re looking for and turn, what may at first seem like a daunting task, into a simple and cost-effective process.

Here some key components of the eDiscovery journey    


Powerful visualisation options present case information in several useful ways, allowing for different perspectives to be shared and assessed. This could potentially spawn new understandings of the content or complexity of a case, or help you to identify key evidence quickly. Analytical features can also organise and summarise data, allowing for teams to make inferences on document populations at a glance. For example, Nuix Discover’s ‘Mapper’ feature allows you to view conceptually similar documents in a comprehensive visual format with colour coded indicators that allow you to quickly identify how a concept has been coded, as well as identify anomalies in coding consistency.

Keyword Searches

Tried and tested keyword searches are still valuable. Nuix Discover’s Search Term Families, for instance, are groups of related keywords, phrases or search strings that are searched for concurrently within the body of a document. This is useful for locating synonyms or variations of a particular term. Discover also features search term family reporting, giving you visibility over the prevalence of search term hits in a document set, and relationships between search term hits and document coding.

Early Case Assessment (“ECA”)

Understanding what you’re getting yourself into is always a good idea, and our ECA processes will help with just that. ECA is an important tool used to slice and dice data, providing insight into key issues, and to understand the volume of potentially relevant data. This allows you to determine scope and risks associated with your case, before committing resources. 

We help our clients to leverage the latest and greatest that eDiscovery software has to offer. With our eDiscovery team on your side, you will have peace of mind knowing that your document review can be completed efficiently, in less, time, using less resources, increasing efficiency and at a competitive price point.


(* thanks to the TIMG eDiscovery team for their valuable contribution)  

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