The Importance of Online Backup

The Importance of Online Backup

27 September 2017


Online back ups play an essential role in today’s modern world. More than ever before businesses are time-poor, reactive and mobile.  With this transition in business process, administration and online back up basics take a back seat with potentially adverse outcomes.

Outsourcing your data management and online back ups to a team of experts can provide a lot of benefits for you and your team including increased team productivity due to less administration, peace of mind knowing your business is compliant with all legal requirements, and the knowledge your data is safe and easily accessible.

Here at TIMG, we provide a range of services including online cloud back up and data storage for small and large businesses alike. We use leading technology with advanced security that ensures peace of mind and the confidence of knowing your data is secure and based in Australia. Protecting your business with online back up from TIMG couldn’t be easier. Support 24/7 ensures you have the guarantee of professional help when needed, reassurance and regular backup reports, as well as:

  • Assisted setup and installation by our team of experts
  • Data centres located in Australia, not overseas
  • Data encryption (256-bit) during the back up process using your password as the encryption key; only you can decrypt your data using your password
  • Scalable solutions that allow you to increase your storage and upgrade service levels as required
  • Secure off-site data storage with high security data centres within Australia
  • Peace of mind as our team is large, experienced and based in Australia
  • Support 24/7.

Safeguard your business from cyber-attacks, accidental loss or deletion, hardware destruction and natural disasters. One of the most popular reasons our clients choose an online backup solution is after a catastrophic event that has resulted in hours, or worse, weeks or months of work to be lost all because a computer fails to turn on or an overnight corruption has occurred. Suspicious emails are all too common, with viruses waiting to crawl your computer after an employee’s innocent click to open an attachment. Prevent chaos before it occurs by partnering with experts who specialise in all things data.

To find out how Online Backup could benefit your business, click here to contact the TIMG team today.


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