The Benefits of Outsourcing Managed Services for Legal Professionals

Managed Services for Legal Professionals

Outsourcing managed services can have endless benefits for a legal firm. TIMG’s secure and reliable managed services improve operations, reduce expenditure and allow your organisation to work more efficiently. Whether print room, mail room, matter management or advancement into the world of eDiscovery; our team can provide you with tailored solutions that:

  • Reduce costs
  • Keep up-to-date with leading management strategies
  • Increase efficiency
  • Reduce risk
  • Offer insourcing and outsourcing options.

Increasing efficiency and saving time for your organisation is perhaps the most noticeable improvement your law firm will see by outsourcing managed services. Outsourcing these requirements to a team who have expertise in the area can significantly streamline processes and ensures your competitive edge.



Which services can be included in outsourced managed services?

Print room management

Print room management can often be underestimated. Insourcing solutions provide legal copy, printing processes and services from your company’s office location. A team of specialists review and update workflows, overflow, security and efficiencies.

Mail room management

Security and confidentiality are paramount for all companies, but more so for law firms when coordinating case correspondence. Mail room set-up, basic delivery and courier management services assist you in timeliness, accuracy and confidentiality.

Matter management

eDiscovery is an area of managed services that is growing and innovating faster than any other. This process refers to the collation, processing and production of an electronic data file for evidence.

Now more than ever before legal professionals need to be in tech-savvy, especially when courts insist on a more technological approach to data and documentation. Having solutions readily available ensures current and potential clients have the confidence they need to progress with your firm. With this, comes the ever-changing world of digital; where staying at the top of your game requires constant updates and improvements. This too is taken care of by an external partner when you outsource managed services, ensuring you move with the times and innovate ahead of the crowd.

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