Data protection of critical data
We’re committed to protecting your confidential information

Our diverse range of data protection services include; data restoration, conversion and migration; secure and compliant degaussing and destruction; escorted national and international transfers; and more.

Available across Australia, including Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Perth, Darwin, Hobart, Adelaide and Brisbane. 

Tape swapping and remote site services for co-location and regional sites

Reduce costs by having our highly-trained staff personally rotate and change your media.

Our tape rotation service includes ejecting tapes from tape drives or libraries and reinserting blank or rotation media sets, as appropriate. Our team is already inducted into the majority of metro data centres and is will undergo any further induction to meet your individual requirements.

Digital media degaussing and destruction

We ensure your sensitive information is securely destroyed, without the items leaving your site and your control.

Our processes are compliant with NSA and DoD standards, your company policies and relevant state, federal, financial and healthcare regulations, mandates and security guidelines.

We degauss and destroy all media types simultaneously: LTO, DLT, Super DLT, Hard drives, 4mm & 8mm DDS tapes, DAT tapes, AIT and many more.

Escorted data transfers

If you need to securely transport highly critical data over long distances, be it interstate or from one country to another, then we are your best choice for success.

We specialise in physical transportation of: Data Tapes, Hard Drives, Confidential Documentation and Critical Data. Each transfer is specifically customised to suit your requirements.

There are a number of ways our security-vetted staff ensure the security and confidentiality of your data transfer.

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