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Intellectual property protection

Intellectual property protection

Securely store and protect your intellectual property, including precious source code, in escrow with TIMG as the trusted third party.

At TIMG we serve as a trusted, neutral third party to securely store source code for your critical software.

We can help your organisation create a customised escrow program that meets even the most complex business challenges. Your intellectual assets will be kept safe and securely accessible over the life of the escrow agreement.

Our team acts as your experienced, responsive and trustworthy partner.

Intellectual Property Protection Solutions

Online escrow

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Save time and money by uploading your source code directly to our servers. Nice and easy.

What is online escrow?

The pricing, terms and conditions are the same as our secure escrow agreements service. The difference with online escrow is, instead of the escrow media being couriered or posted to us, it can be uploaded directly to our servers.

Our online escrow system is designed to allow deposits to be securely uploaded directly to our data centre. The electronic format of the deposit provides a more secure transit method. The system also provides reporting and an accurate audit history through a simple web portal.

Using our online escrow service will save you time and money, plus it’s quick and easy to set up.

What do we offer?

  • Software custom-designed for source code/software escrow
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Secure data transmission
  • Lodgement backup replication
  • Transmission verification
  • Lodgement email confirmation
  • Track-and-trace lodgement history
  • Immediate deposit recovery
  • Information is kept in Australia on Australian servers

Our online escrow team will tailor a solution to match your business needs.

Secure escrow agreements

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We have a variety of agreements available, designed to cover most situations. Alternatively, we can tailor-make an agreement to meet your specific needs.


There are several types of agreements we can put in place:
  • Three party agreement

    This is an agreement between a Licensor (software developer), a Licensee (software user) and TIMG escrow services.
  • Multiple licensee agreement

    This is an agreement between a Licensor, multiple Licensees, and TIMG escrow services. If there are a number of software users using the same software, the contract costs can be spread among them for cost effectiveness.
  • Custodial agreement

    This is an agreement between a software developer and TIMG escrow services where we securely store copies of source code or any type of intellectual property. This provides peace of mind for the developer that their assets are safely and securely stored.
  • Custom agreement

    This is an agreement that is heavily edited to meet the specific requirements of the parties.
How does the technology escrow program work?

When a Licensor updates the software that is covered by the escrow agreement, a copy is sent to TIMG escrow services. We process the item into our secure vaults and a receipt is issued to all parties of the agreement. This is so that, should anything ever happen to the Licensor (such as insolvency), the Licensee can (through the parameters set out in the contract) access the code and take it to another company for support and development.

All deposits are stored in environmentally-controlled, highly secure, state-of-the-art vaults. All access to these vaults is restricted and accurately monitored.

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