Rebekah McKiernan – TIMG eDiscovery Consultant

We have a highly skilled team of eDiscovery professionals at TIMG. We caught up with Rebekah McKiernan – TIMG eDiscovery Consultant, to learn more.

Meet Rebekah McKiernan, an eDiscovery Consultant with TIMG. With over six years of experience in eDiscovery, Rebekah brings her substantial technical knowledge to eDiscovery solutions for law firms, corporate clients, insurers, and insolvency practitioners.

Rebekah thrives on the fast pace of eDiscovery, the urgency of investigations, tight timeframes, and thinking outside the box. Her clients know they can depend on her experience and ability to assist with their responses to regulatory notices, Royal Commissions, and inquiries. A good day for Rebekah is knowing that her clients receive the care, responsiveness, and solutions they need – delivered efficiently and in a defensible manner.

“Rebekah really does value strong professional relationships with clients. They know that they can trust and rely on her guidance when facing challenging and complex technical processes.”

Tineke Mann,
National eBusiness Manager
TIMG Australia

TIMG  – Hi Rebekah, really appreciate you taking time to chat with us today.

RM – My pleasure.

TIMG  – You’ve worked on a number of complex matters in your short time in the eDiscovery space. Can you shed some light on the challenges you face when running some of these complex litigations?

RM – For me the most important part of doing a good job is to help the clients understand the process and also realise they are in good hands through every step of the way. This can be challenging as there are many factors that contribute to gaining their trust in what is more often than not, a very stressful situation for them.

Our work on Royal Commissions is potentially the greatest example of this as we are dealing with people that don’t usually reside in our world. These are people that don’t use our technology everyday but are thrown into a situation where they need to identify and produce evidence in repose to a notice.

We need to remain calm and in control and ask questions to get them thinking about the things we need them to think about, all without making them feel completely lost and hopeless. When we earn their trust however, that is just the best. I’m an extension of their team and its important they feel that.

TIMG  – What are you most looking forward seeing evolve in the next 12 months?

RM – There are so many technology happenings in the market right now. We are seeing new players entering the Australian market that haven’t necessarily been involved in the eDiscovery tech space here before.

I’m looking forward to working with a number of the new analytical features we are seeing with these new platforms. And then obviously the buzz around ChatGPT and Bard to rival has been pretty interesting. It has propelled the legal space into a bit of a head spin! I would love to see how that plays out in terms of growth, regulation, and collection, down the track.

TIMG  – Do you have any advice for someone wanting to work in the eDiscovery sector?

RM – I would say one thing. If you’re someone who wants to get to a point where they know everything about what they do – it’s not for you. You will never stop learning. You will see something strange or learn something new every single day. Be prepared for that. Its ever-changing, ever-learning. Anyone who tells you otherwise isn’t doing it right.

TIMG  – Thank you for your time today, Rebekah. We wish you and the team all the best.

RM – Cheers.

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